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Demystifying Autodesk® Smoke® for Mac OS® X Webcast Wed May 26 11:00am PDT

You’ve been hearing about Autodesk® Smoke® 2011 for Mac OS® X, and here’s your chance to see it in action.

Join Autodesk Applications Specialist Dean Schirm in a session that demystifies Smoke 2011 by answering real-world questions from Final Cut users, demonstrating cutting-edge tools for 3D editorial finishing and showing examples of real-world projects completed in Smoke.

See how Smoke 2011 for Mac OS X can change the way you finish content on the Mac. If you’re a Final Cut or Avid editor, you don’t want to miss this chance to see the editorial finishing solution that everyone is talking about.

Autodesk Smoke for Mac OS® X Webcast

When: May 26, 2010

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT 



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Z-Day Is Coming: HP Webinar for New Workstation Line March 30, 2009

March 24, 2009 Leave a comment










Are you looking for something to get you going this Spring?

Something to jump up and down and shout about?

Look no further, Z-Day is coming! Be one of the select few to experience Z from day one.

Join HP on Monday, March 30 at 1pm/4pm ET for an exclusive webinar to find out why everyone is so excited about HP’s new workstation line.

We wish we could tell you more, but trust us, you’re going to want to “Go Ahead and Scream” when you experience what’s coming.

This is a webinar that every current XW8000, XW8200, XW8400 and Xw8600 workstation end user needs to tune into!

This webinar, co-hosted by HP and Intel, will feature presentations by customers representing various markets, and a special new product giveaway.

Register Now to Start the Excitement:

Register To Win!

Be one of the first to experience the power of Z!

Join us for this webinar and you’ll have a chance to win a new HP Workstation and see firsthand what everyone is screaming about.

Your industry, Your Technology

Learn how Z fits into your specific industry.

Be sure to pre-register new for more upcoming HP Webinars.

Please contact one of Key Code Media’s professional sales consultants for more information:


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Sonic Announces Blu-ray Now! Webinar December 3, 2008

December 2, 2008 Leave a comment

Sonic Announces Blu-ray Now! Webinar

Learn how to make a Blu-ray Disc using Sonic Scenarist®



12pm PST, Wednesday 3rd December, 2008

The demand for Blu-ray Disc title development is increasing exponentially throughout the professional production industry. With BD players now under $200 and consumer awareness growing rapidly, now is the time to re-tool your business and reap the rewards Blu-ray Disc has to offer.

The Blu-ray Now! Webinar Series is open to authors, animators, game creators, menu and graphic design professionals as well facility and content owners. In this free Webinar you’ll see Blu-ray Production in practice using the Scenarist BD Studio Workgroup. If you are thinking about joining the BD revolution, the free Blu-ray Now! Webinar Series from Sonic Solutions is the perfect starting point for your BD business.

Spaces are limited so Register Now to avoid disappointment.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

  • Menu design using Adobe® Photoshop® and Scenarist® Designer
  • Blu-ray Disc creation using the Scenarist BD Studio Workgroup
  • Creating pop-up menus and advanced navigation using Scenarist BD
  • Emulating your title with Scenarist QC
  • Using Scenarist to enable an efficient template approach to BD production
  • Delivering your Blu-ray Disc using both replication and duplication
  • Who Should Attend

    Blu-ray Now! is open to the entire production industry. The content will be particularly relevant to anyone considering adding Blu-ray Disc production services to their business, including:

    • Facility Owners
    • Content Distributors
    • DVD Authors
    • DVD Producers
    • Animators
    • Game Creators
    • Menu and Graphic Designers

    Where and When

    The first Blu-ray Now! Webinar will take place on Wednesday 3rd December at 12pm, (PST)

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    Key Code Media Announces Availability of the New StorageDNA 720

    November 17, 2008 1 comment


    StorageDNA has released version 2 which includes the new StorageDNA 720 system allowing clients to create peer to peer media synchronization workflows over LANs and WANs.  This technology is both platform and file type agnostic. 

    The StorageDNA system creates a data synchronization pipeline to move media and meta data to a target cpu or set of drives.  This is used to connect systems within a workflow or protect media to help business’ centrally manage their data. The SDNA 720 is a web platform that manages different synchronization agents.  The overall technology is based on a Linux server which allows data workflows which effectively connect and protect media workflows. Examples of workflows include synchronization to lower cost storage from SANS such as Avid Unity or Facilis’ Terrablock. 


    The agents are SDNA-Sync which creates file movement up to 160mb/second, SDNA-SANsync which allows fibre to fibre SAN backup, SDNA-WANsync which allows for TCP/IP file transfer acceleration over a wide area network.  StorageDNA also includes encryption technology, file automation, and file delta differencing which allows the system to only transmit the changes rather than resending the entire file.  Key Code Media can provide a SAN analyzer tool allowing clients to scan their SAN to determine current projects versus non-active projects which could be archived.


    Tridib Chakravarty, CEO of StorageDNA states, “Key Code Media has been an early proponent of our technology and a knowledgeable partner. They have been instrumental in seeding the market within deadline driven workflows such as South Park, Buddha Jones, Image Movers, and two large studios.  Clients have used DNAsync to both minimize SAN storage and speed up their production pipeline.   


    According to Mike Cavanagh, President of Key Code Media, “The StorageDNA team has created the ultimate glue to help clients both manage and protect their diverse platforms.  They have created an intelligent synchronization engine across the production pipeline.  All of our clients who’ve invested in StorageDNA have become raving fans of the technology.  Most importantly, the StorageDNA team is the most customer focused organization I’ve ever encountered.  They make enabling infrastructure tools that have significant value for our client base.”


    For more information about StorageDNA and to sign up for a webinar demontration, download the data and start the free trial today! For any questions, please contact Key Code Media at 818-303-3900 or visit for an online demo.