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Automated DVD and Transcoding Automation Seminar

March 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Getting your rich media message out, is becoming more confusing and arduous.  DVD, Blu Ray, YouTube, Web streaming, Itunes, HTML 5 and Flash.  Doing it right takes time, join Key Code Media to see an integrated automated approach which from TV/Film production to Advertising and Corporate, a price performance solution is available which will pay for itself in labor savings in under six months.

In this hour long presentation we will show the complete automation through to fully authored and labeled DVD’s utilizing Rimage DVD duplicators and management of media through automated delivery of media along with meta date for post, archive and asset management.
We will take you through the full tool set of Content Agent and show you real world examples of automating all aspects of file output and distribution that will make you more efficient and save you a ton of time!

Advertisers: Digital Signage utilizing automated DVD playlists and delivery to Asset Management Systems

Film Dailies: Completely automated film dailies deliveries through independently visibly water-marked DVD’s through to email and FTP deliveries

Corporate: Communication through moving images has never been more accessible. We will discuss the complications of merging broadcast and computer video standards and how Content Agent makes a complicated task simple.

Education: From application for film school to delivering media for analysis whether it be for football or media studio showreels.

We’ll also showcase “Life in a Day” a Ridley Scott, Google™ sponsored film, featuring consumer based video with no timecode, that was transformed for editing and online delivery for theatrical release



TUESDAY MARCH 8, 2011 BURBANK (  |Thursday March 10 in Santa Monica (



(join us for lite snacks & cocktails)


New v2.4.5 Software for ContentAgent

September 10, 2008 Leave a comment

The latest v2.4.5 software release adds considerable features and functionality to ContentAgent:

  • support for the Red codec
  • Improved audio features including audio normalization and multichannel patching
  • Extended SDI output options: systems equipped with HD cards now allow both HD and SD formats to be played out frame-accurately to tape. On-the-fly upscaling and downscaling are supported.
  • Full integration with Rimage Digital Publishing Systems
  • XML based API
  • New Decision Mode: allows workflows to be branched according to metadata parameters
  • Logo burn-in during capture: fade-in, fade-out duration and repeat cycles are all customizable on a per-clip basis.

v2.4.5 software will be free of charge to ContentAgent customers with a Software Maintenance Agreement. For more information read the full press release here.

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