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Avid Announces RED support; releases version updates to editing solutions & other news

October 2, 2008 1 comment


This Channel Update contains information on the following subjects:


·          Avid signs R3D software developers kit licence agreement

·          Avid launches new RED portal on

·          Avid releases Media Composer v3.0.5, Avid Symphony v3.0.5 and Avid NewsCutter v7.0.5

·          Avid closes newmediareseller.avid website



Avid Announces RED support


Avid Technology, Inc. is today showing its commitment to supporting RED customers with a series of new initiatives designed to enhance its RED camera workflows. Firstly, Avid has signed an R3D Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) License agreement with the manufacturers of the RED camera. The establishment of a more formal relationship between the two companies signals Avid’s intention to build upon and to further streamline its current RED workflows to provide a better customer experience.


Secondly, Avid has created a new web destination: which will act as a portal to information on Avid RED workflows, relevant third party information and other RED resources. This information will shortly appear on Avid’s other country websites.


By working closely with RED, and incorporating the best third party tools currently available, Avid has already developed a solid offline and online solution for working with RED files and our partners should feel confident in promoting Avid’s workflow with RED files today. Many of Avid’s customers have already completed RED projects using Avid systems including Media Composer, Symphony and Avid DS and you find out more by viewing this press release.

Check for the most recent workflow information, additional workflow enhancers from Avid and third parties, and even more sales and end user tools. While visiting the web page sign up for automatic RED solution update notification on the web page.


The following sales and end user tools are currently available:


  • Avid/RED Workflow Guide (PDF): A comprehensive guide to moving RED files through post production using Media Composer® or Symphony®.
  • Workflow Benefits: Differentiators that set the Avid workflow apart from those offered with other editing systems.
  • Avid Resources Tab: A full library of templates, XSLT (XML) Transforms, and other handy tools developed by Avid.
  • Third Party Resources Tab: Enablers and enhancers supported by Avid’s open workflow.
  • Links to RED support and forums
  • Partner and customer email notification of Avid/RED-related updates.  


Competitive Statement
Final Cut Studio is perceived as being advantaged in RED ONE support due to native play back of QT-wrapped R3D files. In actuality there are serious limitations to the Final Cut workflow:


  • Final Cut Studio cannot play back R3D files reliably without dropping frames
  • No real-time effects supported (even dissolves)
  • Cannot render back to R3D format (system must now manage R3D and non-R3D formats)
  • Apple Color does not support R3D natively (transcode required)

The bottom line is that both Avid and Final Cut Studio systems require a transcode of RED files before true editorial can begin. When talking to customers and prospects, be sure to highlight Avid’s core strengths that Final Cut Studio can’t touch:


  • Availability of Avid DNxHD® 36 (requiring 2/3 less storage than ProRes)
  • More complete and flexible metadata tracking
  • Additional benefits listed on the Overview page at

New dot releases for Avid editing products


On 29th September 2008 Avid has introduced updated dot releases of its editing product range. These are:


  • Avid Media Composer v3.0.5
  • Avid Symphony v3.0.5
  • Avid NewsCutter v7.0.5

The principle benefit of these new releases is to introduce formal qualification of the XDCam 50 mbps format. These releases are not currently included in the boxed version of the product and are only available via the methods outlined below:


How to obtain the new versions

There are four ways that customers can obtain the new version releases:


1.      Customers with a valid Avid Assurance support contract can download the latest versions at no additional charge from the Avid Download Centre as software upgrades are a standard feature of Avid Assurance contracts.


2.      Customers without a valid Avid Assurance support contract are still entitled to download these releases if they have already purchased and registered a copy of the Media Composer v3.0 / 3.0.1, Symphony v3.0 or NewsCutter v7.0 products. They can do so by visiting the Avid update download page on


3.      Customers without a valid Avid Assurance support contract who are using earlier versions of the products (before version 3.0 / version 7.0) can either purchase an Avid Assurance contract, visit the Avid Web Store to purchase a Media Composer v3.0.5 software upgrade or contact their local reseller.


4.      However, upgrades to Symphony v3.0.5 and NewsCutter v7.0.5 are not available through the webstore and customers must buy these though the Avid reseller channel.