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Assimilate Announced the Immediate Availability of Scratch 5.2

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Assimilate announced on November 18, 2010 the immediate availability of SCRATCH 5.2

This new version adds exciting new features that enable increased productivity and creativity in both the grading and finishing of complex projects as well as the dailies workflow.

Here are the new features for finishing artists:

-Improved stereo 3D-specific features, such as:

An S-Lock feature that allows artist to keep a left eye/right eye dual view configuration while interactively selecting which stream to grade, sync or visually manipulate. This unique feature brings a far more intuitive approach to stereoscopic color grading.

Convergence, scaling, and versioning that enable a streamlined, highly efficient 3D pipeline

Supported output to any one of the available stereo patterns: side by side, over/under, line interleave, checkerboard, or anaglyph. This new plug-in enables post production facilities to be more competitive by offering a broader range of output options to their clients.

A Consolidate function that seamlessly archives only the conformed media elements of a project into a centralized directory, even when the original files exist in different locations across a network. This function not only saves time when retrieving archived project elements, but dramatically towers storage hardware costs.

New features for dailies production and viewing

-New additions for RED based productions allow Directors, DP’s and post artists virtually unlimited creativity and flexibility in the dailies process.

These features includes:

The association of meta-data based on shots rather than tracks

The ability to easily update R3D settings across multiple clips at once

Support for the REDlogFilm Gamma

Support for auto-sync of Broadcast Wave files (including calculation of slip values) to significantly improve the efficiency of the dailies workflow.

Software download and licensing information

For existing clients on valid software maintenance, please note that 5.2 is NOT backward compatible and loading a 5.2 project back into a previous version might cause loss of data. You do not require a new license when upgrading from version v5.0 or v5.1, but when upgrading from a prior version, you will. Please send your log file and old license to

Sales and Evaluations

For product information and evaluations please contact or 818-303-3900.

Digital Vision Demo Days in Studio City August 11, 2009 & Santa Monica August 13, 2009

Join Digital Vision  and  Key Code Media  on 



This seminar will feature Key Code Media demo artists, David Sconyers and Michael Kammes demonstrating Avid to Digital Vision, a complete end-to-end workflow within a shared network.

On hand for Q & A will be Eliot Milbourn, Digital Vision demo artist

This seminar will cover:
Latest Features of Avid Media Composer Nitris DX
Creation of editorial dailies from RAW R3D RED files
Direct support for Avid Unity and ISIS storage systems
Real time grading and conforming of RED projects on Film Master 2009
Grain/Noise reduction and image enhancement with Digital Vision’s DVO tools
Complete, with color managed, post production workflow for television and feature film with Avid online and offline and Digital Vision’s Film Master 2009
Key Code Media is the exclusive west coast distributor for Digital Vision and the largest Avid reseller in the country.
Film Master is a comprehensive colour grading and finishing solution for feature films and commercials, long form television and restoration.

Film Master is a creative tool that will help you realise your most ambitious vision; with beautiful, vivid colours and sharp, clean images.
Film Master offers the widest range of creative tools, built into the most flexible non-linear workflow for digital film or video post-production. From data conform through editing, picture enhancement, colour correction, compositing and visual effects, to multi-format delivery for any format from iPod to IMAX.

We will showcase a system that can match the intensity of your imagination and help you turn projects around faster than ever.



August 11, 2009


Key Code Media
11530 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
(between Tujunga & Colfax)


AUGUST 11, 2009


August 13, 2009


Key Code Media
1004 Santa Monica Bl
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(between 10th & 11th)  


AUGUST 13, 2009