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Professional Video Monitor Wall at Key Code Media

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

After many long months of waiting, our video wall is up and running. This is a great way to get clients into our facility – and possibly sell some color grade worthy monitors.

In our arsenal:

Sony PVM2541 (OLED)
Cinetal Cinemage B230
TV Logic LVM-243W
Panasonic BT-LH2550
JVC DT-V24G11Z (2)
…and we also have an old HD Sony BVM CRT for comparison.

All of these are around the $5000 price point, and are 24”-25” The Sony OLED is the highest price model, at $6100 list, and the CineTal is a couple of years old.

Upon request and some advanced notice, we can play client provided footage or a particular codec on these monitors so a client can see how it translates. The ability to compare these monitors with new Sony OLED technology is informative.

The JVC’s + Cinetal are available to be sold – and we really want to get them out of inventory to restock with new monitors. The rest of the monitors cannot be sold until next year. Please speak with Demo if you have a pending sale so we can order a replacement. We’d like to keep a “fully stocked” video wall.

Call Key Code Media
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