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Digidesign Announces New Post-centric Products at AES

October 14, 2008 Leave a comment

For those of us who truly love technology, trade shows are where we get to “peek behind the curtain” to get a preview of upcoming attractions. This years AES at Moscone Center in San Francisco was no exception to the rule. DAW market leaders Digidesign debuted a number of powerful new products, listed below (not necessarily in order of importance).

  • Pro Tools 8 may be the most ambitious release to date, with so many enhancements it would be impossible to list them all in this post. While the bulk of the new features clearly target musicians, there were still enough new “post-centric” products to merit a four star review. Pro Tools 8 HD and LE upgrades are available for pre-order at Key Code Media. Contact the Audio Department for more information.
  • Video Satellite support for Avid Mojo DX. Up till now Video Satellite has provided a “solution” to HD playback for PT users within Avid Shared Storage Workflows with only partial satisfaction. Users have been forced to view SD video, provided by a real-time-down-res and outputted by an “old style” Mojo. Thankfully, those days are almost gone! With PT8, Video Satellite, and a Mojo DX, audio post professionals can watch the same quality video that our “video brethren” have been enjoying for since Avid began shipping their new hardware!
  • Video Satellite LE (two versions). Though not actually shown on the trade show floor, Digidesign representatives gave us preliminary information on two new, lower cost versions of Video Satellite. Reputed to utilize two different models of Black Magic Designs PCIE cards, Intensity and HD Extreme. These should “fill in the gap” for those of us who don’t need the capabilities of the above mentioned, Mojo DX version, and/or are not getting our video from Avids, and/or are not on Avid Shared Storage. The specifics (meaning CPU and OS requirements) were not announced at the show, though we’ve since learned that depending on required video resolutions – these may be able to share the CPU with the PTHD cards!
  • 003 Rack+. Packing 8 mic pre’s (four more than the 003 Rack), and a wide variety of I/O, 003 Rack+ helps bridge the gap between LE and HD systems… and yes, it IS available in the popular “Factory” version – packing in loads of extra plug-ins and software goodies!
  • Complete Production Toolkit. Just when you thought that LEsystems couldn’t get any more powerful, along comes CPT! Beginning with expanding track count from 48 to an incredible 128, CPT also provides surround mixing (up to 7.1), Integrated video andSMPTE in the timeline, and even an arsenal of virtual instruments.
  • Satellite Link, a new software option that allows users tocontrol up to 5 separate Pro Tools systems from a single transport, all with near-sample accurate sync. Multi-master transport, andsolo link allow the entire system to function as one.
  • D Command Producer’s Desk. Not just providing a place forthe computer monitor, D Command Producer’s Desk gives usersan integrated keyboard and mouse. It’s available in both ES and “Baby Blue” versions. Finally D-Command users can have allediting and mixing functions on the same level

For more information on these, or any other audio products, contact your audio representative today!

Raise Your Level To Pro Tools|HD

August 26, 2008 Leave a comment
Serious professionals use Pro Tools|HD. No other DAW is used more in top music studios, post-production and broadcast facilities, editing suites, and mobile production trucks worldwide. With Pro Tools|HD, you have the power to deliver top-quality productions efficiently and with ease from first take to final mix.
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Why Pro Tools|HD?
Computers have never been more powerful, but add a bunch of software instruments and sound processing into the mix and your session can come to a screeching halt. With dedicated DSP in Pro Tools|HD, you achieve exceptional performance and extremely low latency at all times, even when running the most intense virtual instruments and plug-ins

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Seamless Integration
Like being in a foreign country without an interpreter, when you mix-and-match DAWs with digital consoles, communication is frustratingly basic. With a Digidesign ICON integrated console and Pro Tools|HD, your console and DAW speak the same language. ICON consoles put Pro Tools|HD at your fingertips, ensuring that no part of your production will ever get lost in translation.

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Raise Your Level Today
Ready to work like a serious professional? Visit your local Pro Tools|HD dealer or contact Digidesign Services for help with configuring and installing a Pro Tools|HD system that meets your needs.


Raise Your Level Tour
Find out first-hand how Pro Tools|HD gets you from mic to mix (and everything in between) by catching Digidesign’s Raise Your Level tour, which will make stops at select cities across the U.S. and Canada, starting August 19th. Discover the powerful advantages of using Pro Tools|HD with an ICON integrated console, learn some great mixing tips and ways to make your workflow more efficient.

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“I wanted to mix ‘in-the-box,’ but wasn’t ready to let go of my knobs. Thanks to ICON, I can own my own studio and use Pro Tools in the best possible way.”
— Tchad Blake, Grammy-winning engineer (Suzanne Vega, Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel)


“The business is based on Pro Tools HD now. Because of Pro Tools, my productivity is greater than it’s ever been and I’m absolutely having the best time of my life making music.”
— Ed Cherney, Mixing Engineer (The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, John Mayer)


“Pro Tools is all we use. Since the sampling rates {in Pro Tools HD} have gone up to 96 kHz with 24-bit resolution, it’s perfect.”
— Gil Norton, Producer (Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, The Pixies)

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