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Facilis 5.5 with Linux launch March 15 at Federal Bar in N. Hollywood

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Join Key Code Media and Facilis at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood on March 15 ( the LA Launch of TerraBlock 5.5.  This is a major release connecting Mac, PC and Linux workstations together.  Imagine, Avid MediaComposer, FinalCutPro and Autodesk Flame Premium or Smoke all working off the same high performance fiber channel connected drives. 

Join the Facilis Executive team and Key Code Media for a great pre-NAB event.

What you’ll see:

Linux Shared File System– Linux clients are now able to mount Multi-User Write volumes via Fibre Channel or Ethernet.
TX16 Capacity Expansion– The TerraBlock TX16 Expansion Chassis is a 3U chassis  containing 16 drives.
RAID 50– Multi-user Write RAID5 tandem volume spanning across multiple TerraBlock servers.
RAID 51– Multi-user Write RAID5 tandem volume that is mirrored across multiple TerraBlock servers.
Recovery (Rebuild) Priority– The Recovery Priority feature allows users to pause or control the priority of the recovery.
Locate Drive– The Locate Drive feature allows users to easily locate a specific drive in the TerraBlock server.
Premier Pro Project Sharing
The Facilis Project Manager application now allows users to manage and lock both Apple Final Cut Pro (v 7.x) and Adobe Premiere Pro projects.
– Media Composer 6 support
– Mac 10.7.3 support
– Facilis File Migration OSX

StorageDNA introduces 8 new products for LTO-5 with LTFS archiving

May 21, 2011 Leave a comment

StorageDNA introduces eight new LTO-5 LTFS archiving solutions….complete turnkey solutions starting at $7,995

StorageDNA has introduced eight turnkey bundles with the StorageDNA Evolution technology with LTO-5/LTFS archive and synchronization for rich media workflows.  Tridib Chakravarty, C.E.O. of StorageDNA announces “With the introduction of open source LTFS, StorageDNA has created a usable archive and automated back up allowing editorial, graphics, audio the seamless ability to develop simple archive and retrieval workflows.  By introducing the D-100, X and N Series, our clients can now get a StorageDNA Evolution with LTO-5 turnkey solution with the entry pricing under $8,000.  We found that our resellers and clients were looking to have one company bundle and support cost competitive turnkey work flow solutions.  DNA Evolution has made efficient archiving cost effective.”

Mike Cavanagh, President of Key Code Media (a west coast video integrator and reseller) states “DNASync allowed clients to nearline their Avid and Apple Final Cut projects on lower cost disks.  DNA Evolution utilizing LTFS now allows for an exponentially scalable archive solution on a secure and robust medium.  Our clients are constantly running out of storage limiting their capacity to run multiple projects while awaiting approvals on other jobs.  DNA Evolution now allows archiving up to 1.5 terabytes which equals 15 hours of HDCam footage.  The cool aspect is the automation and process rules for ease of use and integrity of the back up where any creative editorial suite can easily deploy within their business.”

StorageDNA Evolution provides real time archive, snap shot, DNA Evolution can retrieve entire projects from Nearline to online storage. Alternatively, DNA Evolution enables editors to retrieve specific sequences. DNA Evolution supports both AAF (Avid) and XML (Final Cut) based retrievals allowing maximization of storage for your online SAN, while easily allowing retrieval of projects or clips.   DNA Evolution archive clients can upload extracted metadata, generated previews (*) to the controller. Once uploaded, the content can be browsed, played, downloaded and searched for via the DNA Evolution web interface.  DNA Evolution utilizes checksum and delete algorithms. These algorithms are built for LTO-5 tape and the newer LTFS file system. Delete algorithms ensure media is truly on tape before being deleted from primary disk or removable media.  DNA Evolution runs in three modes enabling archiving, snapshots and migration. Archive is useful for protecting raw footage and exported sequences. Snapshots offer instant recovery during a project, while migration offers the ability to migrate media based on activity.

The following link is a sample workflow leveraging the LAN/WAN connectivity enabled by StorageDNA.

For a full explanation of the eight new StorageDNA Evolution solutions, please visit.

D100(Desktop Host, 1 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, Software)

Hardware: HP 4000 Desktop Hardware, SAS Interconnect, 1 x LTO-5 Tape Drive
Software: Evolution Controller, Evolution Archive Server

X-Series (Rackmount Series, 1 Gb/s – 2 Gb/s)

X100 (Server Host, 1 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, Software)
Hardware: HP DL120 Hardware, SAS Interconnect, 1 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x Rackmount Kit
Software: Evolution Controller, Evolution Archive Server
X100-8 (Server Host, 1 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x 8 slot Automation, Software)
Hardware: HP DL120 Hardware, SAS Interconnect, 2 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x Rackmount Kit
Software: Evolution Controller, Evolution Archive Server
X100-24 (Server Host, 1 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x 24 slot Automation, Software)
Hardware: HP DL120 Hardware, SAS Interconnect, 2 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x Rackmount Kit
Software: Evolution Controller, Evolution Archive Server
X200-24 (Server Host, 2 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x 24 slot Automation, Software)
Hardware: HP DL120 Hardware, SAS Interconnect, 2 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x Rackmount Kit
Software: Evolution Controller, Evolution Archive Server
X200-48 (Server Host, 2 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x 48 slot Automation, Software)
Hardware: HP DL120 Hardware, SAS Interconnect, 2 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x Rackmount Kit
Software: Evolution Controller, Evolution Archive Server
X400-48 (Server Host, 4 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x 48 slot Automation, Software)
Hardware: HP DL120 Hardware, SAS Interconnect, 4 x LTO-5 Tape Drive, 1 x Rackmount Kit
Software: Evolution Controller, Evolution Archive Server

N-Series (Rackmount Series, 2 Gb/s – 10 Gb/s)
N-Series are configurable for end user needs and designed to connect with end user tape hardwareFor further information or a demonstration, please contact Key Code Media at 818-303-3900, 206-728-4000, 310-401-6700, 415-221-0300 or 949-757-0303. (

Facilis introduces first upgrade program ever!

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Facilis Technology has been shipping TerraBlock shared storage systems for over 6 years now.  They’ve been offering a capacity upgrade program, which has been a great offering.   Upgrading capacity is a rare program that few manufacturers have done.   What many of the older systems do not get with the upgraded drives is upgraded server performance.

In order to refresh our customers’ technology and make it easier to benefit from the latest feature set and performance advancements, Facilis in conjunction with Key Code Media is offering  a trade-in program for any client’s TerraBlock 12D or 24D that has been in the field for over 4 years. This program excludes the 8XS product.

The Trade-in credit is equal to allows you to move to a  24EX or 24D at 80% the standard pricing.

As with the legacy capacity expansion program, each customer must be qualified for the program prior to quoting. The replaced server chassis and drives must be returned within 30 days.  In addition, Facilis Technology announces that systems over 4 years old are no longer eligible for Extended Hardware Warranty coverage.

Call us today at 818-303-3900, 206-728-4000, 310-401-6700, 949-757-0309 or 415-221-0300 for further information as to how the new Server technology from Facilis can increase the performance of your system.  We have some great year end leasing programs where no payments, upon qualification, are due until April 2011.

Key Code Media’s NAB 2009 Overview

May 7, 2009 Leave a comment






NAB 2009 was one of the more civilized shows I’ve ever attended.  Plenty of clients, a small amount of curious consumers, shorter cab lines and inexpensive hotel rates.  Here is our synopsis of the key things we were on hand to witness and our opinions of this year’s show and announcements.


Avid Technology unveiled their new One Avid strategy combined with a new Avid logo.

Five strategic principles:

Drive customer success

o From enthusiasts to the enterprise

o Fluid, dependable workflows

o Collaborative support

o Avid solutions optimized in an open ecosystem


A very positive move is that the companies will be integrated and Media Composer and Protools will be able to exist on the same computer.  The organization is working to improve their business structure and quality.  Overall they are getting better, but after the challenging product life cycle of Adrenaline, not a tough area to improve.  The major announcement was of Avid handling direct support for Final Cut Studio systems connected to Avid MediaNet (Unity) and Avid ISIS.  Although there is some uncertainty of how this will translate to performance, but once is it known, we will post our findings and information.  Avid also showed off the Avid Media Access allowing for a native end to end workflow for XDCam HD.  Key Code Media has the AMA workflow featuring Protools, XDCam HD and Media Composer currently connected to a Unity MediaNet in our Studio City location.


StorageDNA introduced their revolutionary DNA solutions as a subscription service. Syncsy ($49.95/mo.) and Portals ($9.95/mo.) allow for peer to peer synchronized workflows.  All features of the SDNA720 are included, allowing a seamless workflow with delta differentiation, SSL encryption, and WAN acceleration.  For more information, click on  The award committees definitely missed out on a hot new workflow which is gaining quick market acceptance.  In addition, ISAN was introduced allowing for SAN synchronizations for $249/mo.


AJA unveiled the Ki Pro, which is a Direct ProRes capture from camera to an AJA Ki Pro disk. This product will solve a big problem for JVC, RED and Canon camera users in getting their media into Final Cut Pro.  Product lists for $4000.00 and will be shipping in June. The Ki Pro was awarded the Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit Award, the DV Black Diamond Award, the TV Technology Star Award, and the Videography Magazine Vidy Award at NAB.


Facilis premiered version 4.0, a Facilis Shared File System which enables multi-write Virtual Volume access over 8Gbit fibre channel or Ethernet. Volumes are designated as file-level or volume-level through settings in the management tool; these attributes can be changed at any time. 


Root6 showed off version 3.5 of Content Agent integrating Blu Ray automation and Red conversions to Avid DNXHD files. 


Digital Rapids introduced Touchstream which is the size of a breadbox and delivers from Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime (Darwin server) powered web experiences to IPTV set-top boxes and mobile phones.


Editshare introduced Universal Media File technology – a core feature of the Flow product line, which allows a single media file to be used simultaneously by Apple and Avid editors.  Automatic Duck’s Pro Import FCP and Pro Export FCP allow editors to translate bi-directionally between Avid and Final Cut Pro sequences. Now EditShare and Automatic Duck have joined forces to create a special version of Automatic Duck that understands EditShare’s Universal Media Files and how to retrieve information from the Flow database.


NLTek was showcased in both Panasonic and Sony’s booths with AI (Auto Ingest), the industry’s first software for fast and efficient moving of MXF media, with your metadata, to local storage in the field or to Avid Interplay or Avid MediaManager based workgroups.  This powerful media management tool takes recorded media from your FieldPak, GFPAK, P2 disk or XDCAM media, transfers it to your computer, then to your Avid MediaNet or ISIS system, and to your editing workstations.



If you have any questions regarding any products showcased at NAB please contact us at (818) 303-3900 or email:

Key Code Media Recommended Event: Editors Lounge Feb 27, 2009

February 19, 2009 Leave a comment



Key Code Media recommends for you to attend this event on  

Friday February 27, 2009 



 Storage Options: Which One Is Right for Me?
A Full Lineup of Storage and Backup Solutions on Display for Your Evaluation 

Networked storage solutions. Automated backup systems. Firewire. eSATA. USB2. Aaack, there are so many different options! How do I know which solution will fit my current needs? Will it efficiently scale with me over time?

The Editors’ Lounge has you covered! We’ve invited vendors from all over to set up shop at our place so you can see their products up close and personal (and do a little comparing, too). Avid’sUnity, Apple’sXSAN, Facilis’Terrablock, CalDigit’sHDPro, and many other products will be on display. Check this page for frequent updates on who and what will be on hand. 

Instead of round-robin presentations like past Lounges, you will be free to wander from room to room, focusing on those systems and solutions that most interest you. So, bring some probing questions and be ready for a very informative evening. 

Show up at 6:30 PM to mingle and network with your peers; the main event will begin at 7:00 p.m. As always, the price of admission is to bring the beverage of your choice some of you have been slacking off on this, you know who you are! PleaseRSVPnow to secure your spot! If you can’t make it, please let us know so we can give your spot to someone else.


When: Febuary 27th @ 6:30PM


Where: 1612 W. Olive Ave Suite 200, Burbank 91506 (Intersection of Olive and Verdugo)

Parking is available under the building behind Olive Ave and street parking is free after 6PM!

Please visit for more details!

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Key Code Media is pleased to announce our affiliation with the Editors Lounge 

Please note that your RSVP should be placed direct to the Editors Lounge: