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EditShare Ships New Ark 2.0 Media Archiving System

EditShare has announced the availability of its new Ark 2.0 backup and archiving solution. Fully integrated with EditShare’s award-winning shared storage solutions, Ark 2.0 offers superior media file protection for broadcast and post, providing digital and tape-based options for creating backups and archives. Ark 2.0 boasts a full array of media protection enhancements, most notably its complete integration with EditShare Flow.

“Ark 2.0’s flawless integration with Flow and broader support for tape loaders and libraries elevates it to a new level of asset protection,” says Andy Liebman, Founder and CEO, EditShare. “In an integrated Ark and Flow environment, archived material is made part of the content repository. Archived clips are automatically scanned and added to the Flow database in proxy format, providing instant access to low-resolution versions of all archived materials. From the Flow Browse interface, users can search and retrieve archived media, organize clips into bins, assemble clips into sequences, and restore high-resolution versions for editing. Thanks to these enhancements, Ark 2.0 is now one of the most reliable asset protection systems in the industry.”

Highlights of the new Ark 2.0 release include:

• NEW Integration with Flow for Complete Backup
Integration between Ark and Flow ensures that all archived clips now have a record in the Flow database prior to being copied to Ark. Flow scans all clips to ensure that proxy files have been created. Ark updates the Flow database to keep a record of exactly where each archived clip is located. Flow users can then search and browse all clips stored on Ark.

• NEW Integration with Flow for Complete Restoration of Files
Having a record of all archived or backed up clips in the Flow database makes restoration of files from Ark easier than ever. It is now possible to search or browse for clips even though high-resolution versions are “offline” and stored only on Ark. Through Flow Browse, users can play low-resolution proxy versions, incorporate them into sequences, and then restore the desired high-resolution versions to any EditShare Media Space. From within Flow Browse, authorized editors are able to set up Restore jobs to occur instantly or at a later, scheduled time.

• NEW Support for Multi-Drive Tape Libraries
Ark 2.0 supports a range of tape loaders and tape libraries. Autoloaders and libraries with multiple tape drives can now be used.

• NEW Activation Feature for Ark Disk
A new activation feature allows customers to utilize their Ark Disk system as a rapid failover should one of their main shared storage systems fail.

• NEW Improved Tape Management
The new Ark user interface graphically shows which tapes are currently loaded into a Tape Library and in exactly which slot they can be found.

EditShare will demonstrate Ark 2.0 at NAB booth # SL4725.

For more information, visit

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Key Code Media’s NAB 2009 Overview

May 7, 2009 Leave a comment






NAB 2009 was one of the more civilized shows I’ve ever attended.  Plenty of clients, a small amount of curious consumers, shorter cab lines and inexpensive hotel rates.  Here is our synopsis of the key things we were on hand to witness and our opinions of this year’s show and announcements.


Avid Technology unveiled their new One Avid strategy combined with a new Avid logo.

Five strategic principles:

Drive customer success

o From enthusiasts to the enterprise

o Fluid, dependable workflows

o Collaborative support

o Avid solutions optimized in an open ecosystem


A very positive move is that the companies will be integrated and Media Composer and Protools will be able to exist on the same computer.  The organization is working to improve their business structure and quality.  Overall they are getting better, but after the challenging product life cycle of Adrenaline, not a tough area to improve.  The major announcement was of Avid handling direct support for Final Cut Studio systems connected to Avid MediaNet (Unity) and Avid ISIS.  Although there is some uncertainty of how this will translate to performance, but once is it known, we will post our findings and information.  Avid also showed off the Avid Media Access allowing for a native end to end workflow for XDCam HD.  Key Code Media has the AMA workflow featuring Protools, XDCam HD and Media Composer currently connected to a Unity MediaNet in our Studio City location.


StorageDNA introduced their revolutionary DNA solutions as a subscription service. Syncsy ($49.95/mo.) and Portals ($9.95/mo.) allow for peer to peer synchronized workflows.  All features of the SDNA720 are included, allowing a seamless workflow with delta differentiation, SSL encryption, and WAN acceleration.  For more information, click on  The award committees definitely missed out on a hot new workflow which is gaining quick market acceptance.  In addition, ISAN was introduced allowing for SAN synchronizations for $249/mo.


AJA unveiled the Ki Pro, which is a Direct ProRes capture from camera to an AJA Ki Pro disk. This product will solve a big problem for JVC, RED and Canon camera users in getting their media into Final Cut Pro.  Product lists for $4000.00 and will be shipping in June. The Ki Pro was awarded the Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit Award, the DV Black Diamond Award, the TV Technology Star Award, and the Videography Magazine Vidy Award at NAB.


Facilis premiered version 4.0, a Facilis Shared File System which enables multi-write Virtual Volume access over 8Gbit fibre channel or Ethernet. Volumes are designated as file-level or volume-level through settings in the management tool; these attributes can be changed at any time. 


Root6 showed off version 3.5 of Content Agent integrating Blu Ray automation and Red conversions to Avid DNXHD files. 


Digital Rapids introduced Touchstream which is the size of a breadbox and delivers from Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime (Darwin server) powered web experiences to IPTV set-top boxes and mobile phones.


Editshare introduced Universal Media File technology – a core feature of the Flow product line, which allows a single media file to be used simultaneously by Apple and Avid editors.  Automatic Duck’s Pro Import FCP and Pro Export FCP allow editors to translate bi-directionally between Avid and Final Cut Pro sequences. Now EditShare and Automatic Duck have joined forces to create a special version of Automatic Duck that understands EditShare’s Universal Media Files and how to retrieve information from the Flow database.


NLTek was showcased in both Panasonic and Sony’s booths with AI (Auto Ingest), the industry’s first software for fast and efficient moving of MXF media, with your metadata, to local storage in the field or to Avid Interplay or Avid MediaManager based workgroups.  This powerful media management tool takes recorded media from your FieldPak, GFPAK, P2 disk or XDCAM media, transfers it to your computer, then to your Avid MediaNet or ISIS system, and to your editing workstations.



If you have any questions regarding any products showcased at NAB please contact us at (818) 303-3900 or email:

SAN Demo + Facilis & EditShare (Seattle, WA)

November 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Shared Workflow Demo

Thursday November 20, 2008 at Key Code Media W Thomas Street Seattle, WA 98119 Phone: (206) 728-4000.

For more information, call (818) 303-3900.

Our economy is down and Key Code Media wants you to come to an event on spending money on a SAN? Are we crazy or is this the perfect time to learn about productivity solutions and automation? Our proven case studies show that SANS save our clients money and the payback is usually less than one year. 


  Session 1 : 10am-12pm

Ethernet SANS: Editshare Demonstration 

 Final Cut and Avid compatible Ethernet based Shared Area Network.  Learn how Editshare has integrated Educational Institutions, Broadcasters and Video Production Companies giving them greater throughput and productivity for editing, graphics, encoding video.  Prices start as low as $560 per month. If you have more than one system doing video production, this seminar is for you. 


Stick around or stop by early this afternoon at the WHY SAN? presentation. Lunch will be on us!  12:30pm-1:30pm:  Lunch & Learn presentation: SAN Technologies, SAN work flows & Justifying Your Investment   

  Session 2 : 2pm-4pm


Fibre Connected SANS: Facilis Demonstration   

The dedicated Post Production and Digital Intermediate shared storage system that outperforms the competition, and undercuts traditional high-performance SAN pricing.  This seminar is perfect for demanding, high definition production infrastructures.   

 Send your RSVP to Be sure to include your NAME, EMAIL, COMPANY, and PHONE NUMBER, and THE SESSION(S) YOU ARE ATTENDING.




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EditShare Case Study: Merit Andrew

October 23, 2008 Leave a comment

To read a new case study about Merit Andrew, navigate to this link. Case study is available for download by following the link.

EditShare Releases Flow

October 1, 2008 Leave a comment

EditShare Flow Ingest is the only acquisition solution that captures in one format and simultaneously outputs to multiple formats including Apple ProRes 422, Avid DNxHD, and low-res proxy formats. Feature highlights include multi-channel ingest with independent control over each channel, full metadata capture, and edit-while-recording capabilities. All EditShare Flow systems are ready for EditShare’s forthcoming Universal Media File technology. This unique technology creates a single media file which can be used in both Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro editing environments. Universal Media File support will be available as a free update for Flow customers later this year.

The EditShare Flow Browse application simplifies and accelerates media searches within the EditShare storage environment. Users can quickly locate media among hundreds of thousands of clips. EditShare Flow Browse supports proxy viewing outside the nonlinear editing application for optimal viewing on the EditShare Media Space, annotation of metadata forms, and the ability to drag and drop media into Avid or Final Cut Pro bins.