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Key Code Media to host LA Adobe User Group Meeting Jan 28, 2010 “Dreamweaver & AJAX”

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Key Code Media is the new home for the LAdobe User Group Meetings, the first meeting of the year will take place at Key Code Media in Santa Monica

Thursday January 28, 2010


January 28: Dreamweaver and AJAX redux

Join LAdobe on Thursday night, January 28th at 7pm at our new location at Key Code Media in Santa Monica. Yes, after almost 4 years we finally have a permanent location on the Westside! Parking is available on the street for free after 6pm. Remember, all LAdobe events and meetings are always free to attend.

For our first meeting of 2010, we’re launching a new initiative, we’ve launched a new feature called the Lightning Round. At the beginning of each of our meeting, we’ll have as many as four members who’ll share their Adobe application tips with our audience. The presentation can be on anything. From Photoshop to Illustrator to Flash to Dreamweaver and Soundbooth to After Effects. Even legacy apps like Director or Freehand. Anything is fair game. You can even choose to present that night if our lineup isn’t already full. And you only need five minutes minimum for your presentation! No PowerPoint slides, no fancy visual effects. Just anywhere from 5-20 minutes will do it. Best of all, each of our presenters will be able to choose a prize from our monthly stash before we open up the prizes to the regular drawing. So how would you like to come to an LAdobe meeting and actually be guaranteed to win something and something you probably want! The only exception to this is large prizes like conference admissions or expensive software. But all books, clothing and all other swag are fair game. And you know by now that LAdobe has one of the best libraries of books out there in SoCal! So if you’d like to present this month, or any month (special events like MiniMAX or an Adobe speaker tour excluded), please contact LAdobe with your idea so we can promote it in advance and that you get guaranteed to present on the 28th.

Also featuring at this month’s meeting: AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It powers a lot of the most popular websites today and you see it’s effects everywhere from drop-down menu to photo galleries to slideshow and data grids. Many people say it will replace Flash as it does a lot of the same things but it native to most web browsers, it’s visible in most cases on the iPhone and other smartphones and mobile devices and it’s much more friendly to search engines. Adobe has had its’ own AJAX framework called Spry for many years but has been depreciated over time due to a lack of development at Adobe Labs. It’s still very useful though and there are now other frameworks that have free  components for Dreamweaver available for download at the Adobe Dreamweaver Exchange.

For this presentation, our user group manager, Adam Bell of dataTV, will start by revisiting Spry and then showcasing the components for JQuery, Yahoo’s YUI and Mootools that all work inside of Dreamweaver. While these components are not as flexible as Spry is, he’ll show you how you can make them work and create dynamic presentations using Dreamweaver in a data-driven webpage.

We’ll have a number of Web Design and Photoshop books to give away from all our major publishing sponsors and free beverages from Function. Snacks and refreshments also provided by Key Code Media


January 28, 2010 Thursday




Key Code Media

1004 Santa Monica Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(10th & 11th)


for more information on the LA Adobe User Group visit: