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NAB is coming…lots of releases.. first one up Eyeon Fusion AVX with Avid MediaComposer

April 11, 2012 Leave a comment

NAB is right around the corner.  Key Code Media is ready to get the latest information out as we here it.

A new partner of ours, Eyeon, officially announced an incredibly cool AVX plug in.  Below is the press release:

If you’re interested in seeing this, they will not be on the NAB floor, but Key Code Media can set up a private demo in the Renaissance Hotel, but you need to call us asap. 818-303-3900, 415-221-0300, 206-728-4000 or 310-401-6700.  We will have a lunch and learn showing this amazing compositing integration within the Avid MediaComposer.


eyeon Connection® Bridges AVID® Workflow

Toronto, Canada: April 11, 2012… eyeon Software Inc. is pleased to announce a new development in eyeon Connection® that integrates directly with Avid Technology, Inc.’s AVX2 architecture, supporting the recent editions of Avid’s Media Composer®, Symphony™, NewsCutter®, and Avid DS™ product lines within eyeon Fusion® and eyeon Dimension®.

Connection directly embeds Fusion’s advanced node-based VFX supercomputing environment and Dimension’s optical flow-based Stereoscopic and high-level image processing application in the Avid timeline. Fusion and Dimension can exist on the same systems as the Avid software or anywhere else on the network. This is a tremendous advantage to existing Avid supporting technologies, as it provides unprecedented concurrent editing, VFX creation, and stereoscopic production in the Avid workflow.

“With eyeon Connection, a simple drag and drop to the Avid timeline gives editors and artists direct access to our products. For the first time, Avid clients will have an unlimited node effects and stereo environment for creative compositing and motion graphics. Combined with Avid’s renowned pedigree in the editing markets, eyeon’s resolution independence and real 3d products expand the Avid experience to a new frontier in film and broadcast visual effects.”

~ Jeff Krebs, Director of Sales, eyeon Software

Avid Editing
Avid editing solutions get direct access to Fusion and Dimension toolsets without leaving the Avid project, offloading creative tasks, such as particle generation and virtual environments, and tedious tasks, such as advanced keying and rotoscoping. This eliminates the import/export process.

Avid News and Motion Graphics
In the case of NewsCutter workflows or motion graphics generation, the artist directly links to the Avid timeline. No server storage and importing of elements are required.

Avid Finishing
The critical processes of conforming, finishing and packaging now have direct integration with Fusion to solve last minute issues. Utilizing Dimension’s superior stereo alignment, correction, and color matching toolset is now seamless in the Avid finishing workflow. Integrate feature film quality VFX immediately in the timeline.

Overall Benefits Include
•    Seamless connection to the Avid timelines will quickly auto-populate the Avid clip with no import intervention required.
•    A simple edit effect button within the Avid interface will allow Avid artists to instantly reopen eyeon comps and workflows for modifications.
•    Comps can be opened without the Avid host, yet the results will still populate the timeline.
•    Extremely fast processing via multi CPU and GPU.
•    Concurrent editing and Fusion rendering.
•    Avid and Fusion can be on the same workstation or elsewhere on the network with the same integration.
•    Advanced Fusion toolset includes Primatte5.
•    3D scene importing, models, cameras, lights, and virtual environments.
•    Motion graphics, titling tools, and particle system.
•    VFX tools are robust feature film developed and proven.
•    Stereo monitoring support on many TV’s and projectors.
•    HDRI floating point color pipeline.
•    ARRI®, RED®, Phantom®, and other native camera formats integrated.

“We are looking forward to implementing this time saver into our workflow. Eyeon has consistently delivered the tools needed to take the workflow to the next level and this AVX support is yet another feather in their cap.”
~ Terence Curren, Founder, Alpha Dogs

Pricing and Availability
Connection with AVX2 support will be included as part of Fusion and Dimension 6.4 at no additional charge for current subscription owners.