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Avid Announces HP Z820 MediaComposer Qualification

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Avid® is pleased to announce qualification of the HP Z820 Workstation with Media Composer, NewsCutter, Symphony, Mojo DX and Nitris DX.  Rendering and CPU performance are increased from 17% to 90% speed performances.  This rackable system provides 7 expansion slots, 7 expansion bays and 4-channel integrated DDR3 memory with 16 slots and support for up to 512GBs.  Perfect for easily fitting into a machine room rack.  With USB 3.0 ports on the front and internal to the system, the HP Z820 Workstation offers a variety of storage and I/O options including a wide range of internal HDD/ODD and external SATA devices to increase flexibility.
Key Code Media will be shortly posting performance differences between the HP Z820 versus the Mac Pro (to the power of 12) to give our clients the latest in speed differentiation.  Already, we’ve tested Adobe CS6 on the Z800 versus the Mac Pro and seen 20%+ greater performance in rendering files on HP systems.  Stay tuned.

Product Compatibility: HP Z820 systems qualified with Media Composer, Symphony, NewsCutter, Mojo DX and Nitris DX
Key Points
•    Media Composer, Symphony, NewsCutter, Mojo DX and Nitris DX have been qualified
o    Open I/O customers should check with individual hardware vendors for compatibility information
•    ISIS and local storage is qualified for use with the HP Z820 Workstation

The HP Z820 Workstation can be used with any of the following software versions:
•    Media Composer 6.5 or higher
•    Symphony 6.5 or higher
•    NewsCutter 10.5 or higher

HP 820 Workstation Specifications
•    Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1
•    Dual Intel® 6-Core Xeon® E5-2640 2.5GHz 15MB cache or Dual Intel® 8-Core Xeon® E5-2665 Processors @ 2.4GHz 20MB cache
•    16GB DDR3-1600 (8x2GB) RAM
•    NVIDIA Quadro 4000 2GB GPU
•    1TB 7200 RPM SATA 1st HDD
•    16X SuperMulti DVDRW SATA
•    HP SAS Back Panel Connector Kit

Specifications and links to the slot configurations will be published to the Avid Knowledge Base Windows Specification Document.

With HP and Avid you can be confident that you’ve picked a winning combination:

  • HP and Avid Relationship
  • Optimized Hardware
  • Certified Applications
  • HP Innovations
  • Complete Range of HP solutions

For more information, visit or call us.  West Coast Coverage in Seattle, San Francisco, Burbank, Santa Monica and Las Vegas.

HP divesting PC business?

August 27, 2011 1 comment

HP is considering spinning off or selling the PC business.  Whoa….what does this mean to our Avid, Autodesk, Assimilate and Adobe users who count on HP to deliver high performance HP workstations?

My first take is good luck changing your business model.  That being said, every company needs a strategy and HP is making a distinct move away from the consumer and lower margin business’.  That said, we’re talking about a  $42 Billion top line business with $2 billion in profits, equaling 4.76 % net profit business.   My first take is, HP is passing up on an amazing opportunity to provide vendors with an integrated business to consumer workflow, well, not everyone can do Apple.

I had an opportunity to speak to the HP workstation team and get some insight about what this means moving forward for our clients who use HP products.  The good news is the Workstation team is almost giddy.  They believe carving out the PC business will allow them greater flexibility to design more products and not get caught up in HP’s divisions of server versus software and truly compete with more relevant solutions to complete high value workflows within the media industry.  They’ll be a  “nimble” and profitable Company.

So, HP warranties are safe, all products will be serviced by HP.  This transition could take up to eighteen months.  My one worry is the lack of development during this time as HP shifts resources to “higher margin” opportunities such as their recent acquisition of Autonomy.  Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.

Apple Final Cut Pro X and the ensuing land grab of Avid and Adobe

June 30, 2011 1 comment

Word….The Apple professional editorial universe has gone bonkers.  The best explanation I’ve heard from a friend/client is the Final Cut Pro change is like Microsoft changing Word and all old files are not compatible or integrate with any of the other Microsoft applications you use with Word.  As an Apple and Avid and Adobe partner, this is as disruptive as it gets.  Editors don’t like radical changes and FinalCut X’s innovations has freaked a lot of people out.

The editorial camps have been carved into three camps: Apple FinalCut (comprised of either younger editors or people who got totally fed up with Avid over the years), Avid users and a much smaller contingent (of people cutting beyond web and weddings) of Adobe CS5+ users.  Overall, Avid and Apple battled.  Apple, in my opinion, won the second tier markets and the tier one markets with the younger editorial crowd.  Heck, even Angus Wall won an emmy for The Social Network cutting on Final Cut.  Yes, Angus made his initial mark cutting music videos on the Avid MediaComposer, back in the day.  FinalCut became the cool product to cut on and for most people contracting editorial services, a lower priced rate.  My opinion is that the younger editors charged less per hour and that was the larger contributor to a lower rate.  Anyway, Apple announced the new X and discontinued FinalCut 7.

X is the future and 7 is yesterday, so move on, upgrade off the app store and move on.  What….you say you need to make EDLs.  They are yesterday or even the last millennium, so what if the studio where you cut trailers requires an EDL to create the matchback.  Studios are yesterday, it’s all about electronic distribution vehicles like Amazon and Itunes, they don’t require EDLs.  Where am I going here…well, a large contingent of FinalCut editorial houses are totally pissed.

My short term opinion is simple, don’t jump off any bridges, this as every change will work itself out.   Apple will either recognize that they should have named FCP X “ImoviePro” or rethink the disruptive product introduction and re-tool their strategy.  I’ve known the key product developers at Apple (even before they were at Apple), they are smart people and understand post production intimately.  If they want to make changes, they already know what needs to be done.  If Apple has defined the next growth market to be Imovie upgrades, well the professional FCP 7 users are SOL.  Round one of FCPX does not look good for legacy workflows, but there are cool new innovations, just not multi user workflows…yet.  That being said, I’m still unclear as to whether MediaComposer 5.5 will work on Lion, but hope to know by end of next week.

Editorial software is now cheaper than plug ins (or close) and having access to more than one workflow and software can help maximize the quality of projects and the productivity of editors.  Download free copies of Avid MediaComposer  and try out Adobe CS5.5 (couldn’t find if their is a trial).  Minimize your risk and stay educated on options.  With new management, Avid has radically changed their approach towards users and the economics while Adobe will continue to innovate their editorial tools and in my opinion have the best video web solutions on the planet.

Editorial is being driven to commodity status, editors are creative people and creating differentiation is tough while maintaining rates in a tough economy.  The broader the set of deliverables you can provide, the greater your value.  Key Code Media will be having a major event and streaming it to get together top level editors to help sort out all the craziness.  Stay tuned, the trailer is in development and will be the most intense invite we’ve ever put together.  Mark late July for the event of X. Simultaneously in Seattle, Santa Monica, San Francisco and Burbank tied together by LifeSize HD teleconferencing and Newtek’s Tricaster 850 Extreme streaming the event.

That being said, Gary Greenfield and Kirk Arnold are coming to the epicenter of editorial world, Los Angeles,on July 13 to have some type of event and want to spread the word.  Me being the tool that I am, will help communicate this.

Seeing is Believing: Adobe® CS5 Production Premium RoadShow (San Francisco) June 8, 2010

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Join Adobe and Key Code Media San Francisco on Tuesday June 8, 2010

Join Creative Suite video experts for a free, in-depth seminar that features the new Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 Production Premium. Learn how CS5 Production Premium software helps you conquer today’s deadlines and meet tomorrow’s challenges. Discover brand new workflow efficiencies and creative enhancements when using After Effects® CS5, Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5, Photoshop® CS5 Extended, Flash® Professional CS5, Illustrator® CS5, Soundbooth® CS5, Adobe OnLocationTM CS5, Encore® CS5, and the new Flash Catalyst® CS5.

Registration is open for this training date & location:

June 8, 2010 – San Francisco
4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Adobe Systems, Town Hall
601 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

You’ll also meet partners with complementary offerings that, when combined with CS5 Production Premium, deliver breakthrough performance while dramatically increasing your productivity. Grand prize drawing and giveaways. Space is limited, reserve your seat today!



Key Code Media (Santa Monica) Hosts LAdobe User Group Meeting March 25, 2010

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Key Code Media will be hosting the monthly LA Adobe User Group meeting on Thursday March 25, 2010

Join LAdobe on Thursday night, March 25th at 7pm at our new location at Key Code Media at 1004 Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica

March 25: Last year’s Photoshop Idol winner and more Photoshop goodies

 Parking is available on the street for free after 6pm. Remember, all LAdobe events and meetings are always free to attend.

For our March meeting we have at least two presentations set for the Lightning Round. This is the portion of our program where we offer our members a chance to share a few quick tips on various Adobe apps without having to do a full program. For this Lightning Round we already have Photoshop tips in place from Dan Kaufman and David Foto and we’re looking for more. If you have an Adobe tips or series of tips and can present in anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, please contact LAdobe with your Lightning Round ideas.

For our main presentation, we have last year’s Photoshop Idol winner, Martin Bruinsma, who is back to show off some of the latest techniques from some of the best billboard designs. With all the latest advances in billboard design thanks to the controversial digital billboards sprouting across LA, this is going to be a very interesting session.

We’ll have a number of Photoshop and other design books to give away from all our major publishing sponsors and free food and beverages from Key Code Media and Function. So we hope to see you in Santa Monica at Key Code Media on the 25th!


Key Code Media to host LA Adobe User Group Meeting Jan 28, 2010 “Dreamweaver & AJAX”

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Key Code Media is the new home for the LAdobe User Group Meetings, the first meeting of the year will take place at Key Code Media in Santa Monica

Thursday January 28, 2010


January 28: Dreamweaver and AJAX redux

Join LAdobe on Thursday night, January 28th at 7pm at our new location at Key Code Media in Santa Monica. Yes, after almost 4 years we finally have a permanent location on the Westside! Parking is available on the street for free after 6pm. Remember, all LAdobe events and meetings are always free to attend.

For our first meeting of 2010, we’re launching a new initiative, we’ve launched a new feature called the Lightning Round. At the beginning of each of our meeting, we’ll have as many as four members who’ll share their Adobe application tips with our audience. The presentation can be on anything. From Photoshop to Illustrator to Flash to Dreamweaver and Soundbooth to After Effects. Even legacy apps like Director or Freehand. Anything is fair game. You can even choose to present that night if our lineup isn’t already full. And you only need five minutes minimum for your presentation! No PowerPoint slides, no fancy visual effects. Just anywhere from 5-20 minutes will do it. Best of all, each of our presenters will be able to choose a prize from our monthly stash before we open up the prizes to the regular drawing. So how would you like to come to an LAdobe meeting and actually be guaranteed to win something and something you probably want! The only exception to this is large prizes like conference admissions or expensive software. But all books, clothing and all other swag are fair game. And you know by now that LAdobe has one of the best libraries of books out there in SoCal! So if you’d like to present this month, or any month (special events like MiniMAX or an Adobe speaker tour excluded), please contact LAdobe with your idea so we can promote it in advance and that you get guaranteed to present on the 28th.

Also featuring at this month’s meeting: AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It powers a lot of the most popular websites today and you see it’s effects everywhere from drop-down menu to photo galleries to slideshow and data grids. Many people say it will replace Flash as it does a lot of the same things but it native to most web browsers, it’s visible in most cases on the iPhone and other smartphones and mobile devices and it’s much more friendly to search engines. Adobe has had its’ own AJAX framework called Spry for many years but has been depreciated over time due to a lack of development at Adobe Labs. It’s still very useful though and there are now other frameworks that have free  components for Dreamweaver available for download at the Adobe Dreamweaver Exchange.

For this presentation, our user group manager, Adam Bell of dataTV, will start by revisiting Spry and then showcasing the components for JQuery, Yahoo’s YUI and Mootools that all work inside of Dreamweaver. While these components are not as flexible as Spry is, he’ll show you how you can make them work and create dynamic presentations using Dreamweaver in a data-driven webpage.

We’ll have a number of Web Design and Photoshop books to give away from all our major publishing sponsors and free beverages from Function. Snacks and refreshments also provided by Key Code Media


January 28, 2010 Thursday




Key Code Media

1004 Santa Monica Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(10th & 11th)


for more information on the LA Adobe User Group visit:

FREE Lunch Seminar: Learning How To Integrate Your Media Composer & Final Cut Projects w/Adobe CS4 Production Premium” Thursday Oct 1, 2009

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment


Key Code Media is committed to helping you find cost effective solutions to increase your profitability within this tight economy and it’s corresponding pressures on business without having to throw out your current post production infrastructure.
Join Key Code Media for our “Back to School”  
(FREE) Lunch and Learn Seminar Series
presented by Adobe
Thursday October 1, 2009 Burbank
 “Part II: Learning How to Integrate
Your Avid Media Composer and
Final Cut Projects
with Adobe CS4 Production Premium”
Last month we hosted an online webinar that discussed our testing on Avid workflows including fantastic solutions addressing Blu-Ray, Flash Media interactivity and speech to text conversion for web searchable streams. This is featured in a workflow that Key Code Media and Adobe have refined.

We have partnered up with Adode to demonstrate this workflow featuring Adobe CS4 Production Premium and the new HP Z Workstations.

In this seminar we will cover the following:

Educate you on the benefits of tight integration in Adobe CS4 Production Premium in conjunction with your Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Studio projects :

  • Adobe After Effects®, Photoshop® and Encore
  • Discover the new interoperability Adobe has with Avid Media Composer & Final Cut Studio
  • Importing Avid  and Apple projects without recapturing media files or having to re-invest in a new infrastructure.
Presentation by:

Kevan O’Brien
Adobe, Solutions Engineer

You’ll also be introduced to the next generation
Z workstations by HP:

Now bundled with Adobe CS4 Production Premium, you’ll discover these workstations are radically different from the inside out and are an even more affordable solution if you are planning to upgrade your hardware and software.

Join us for our first event in our spacious 50 x 50 theater in our new Burbank facility!  

October 1, 2009

lunch and registration



Key Code Media
270 South Flower St
Burbank, CA 91502
(between Olive & Verdugo)


We will be offering Mac & HP bundles with major savings exclusive to attendees