Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle update

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Ed Friesma, Application Editor for Key Code Media, mentioned the following:  After working with a walkin client yesterday trying to install the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for HDMI capture,  I found a big gotcha that’s not clearly mentioned in any of the promotional materials.  If you’re connecting via USB 3.0 it needs to have the NEC USB3 controller chipset.  Currently no other one will work properly.  I don’t know if Blackmagic plans to qualify other USB 3 chipsets later or if they’ve given up and are focusing on Thunderbolt.

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Key Code Media Business News

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Key Code Media was listed by the San Fernando Business Journal as the 13th fastest growth company in the San Fernando Valley and
Key Code Media was listed as #41 fastest growth company by the LA Business Journal.

We did not apply to the System Contractor News (SCN) list of Top 50 system integrators, but if was listed, Key Code Media for 2010 would have been listed as #22, ahead of Anderson Audio Visual in San Diego.

Thanks to all our clients and vendors for their support!

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Media Composer 6, dongles and back reving to 5.5

December 10, 2011 1 comment

Avid 6.0 upgrades and issues.

Key Code Media just finished a webinar presented by our staff Senior Technology & Workflow Consultant, Michael Kammes, last Thursday, we’ll be posting the link of the recording early next week.  We’ve highlighted a couple key points about the migration and areas to be cautionary.

Why would someone want to stay on 5.5x?

1) need to stay on Mac OS 10.6, or a 32bit version of Windows
2) want to use Nitris Classic, Adrenaline, or Mojo SDI
3) desire to stay compatible with other MC 5.5 systems on the project / facility (this would be more of a cautious manuever, however)
4) caution about moving to a X.0 version of software.  I still remember one of the MediaComposer’s most unstable release, 7.0 with the ABVB.  In my opinion the 7.2x ABVB release was also one of the most stable MediaComposer releases ever.

Lastly, we really recommend having a lot of ram.  12GB is recommended, your system will work with less ram, but will be slower depending on the jobs being done.
For those customers that are purchasing net new systems with an electronic license, there is NO way to downgrade this license to a previous version.

If you have clients that wish to run version 5.5 at this time on a net new system, they must purchase a dongle with the Avid software.

This would also apply to customers purchasing the v6 upgrade but wishing to remain on an older version.  Key Code is finding out from Avid what the Avid part number is for a swap to a dongle, if Avid still offers this in version 6.

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Avid MediaComposer NitrisDX and MojoDX features not presently on AJA, Blackmagic and Matrox

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Couple limitations not presently working with the MediaComposer using 3rd party hardware.  Just a fyi

With this release, the 3rd party hardware plug-ins will not be able to support the entire feature set of the editing application and therefore will not support the following in the Avid editing application:
•           Ancillary Data
•           LTC Input and Output
•           Stereoscopic Full Frame Capture and Output
•           Audio Punch-In
•           Utilize any Hardware Codec Modules
•           Universal Mastering (Frame & Signal Convert to a Different Format)


Key Code Media is hosting a webinar today going over “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” of MediaComposer 6.0 at 11am and 1pm PST.|119|120|118|121|116/key-code-media-presents-qavid-media-composer-6-the-good-the-bad-a-the-uglyq-thur-dec-8-2011.html

Drive Prices and Flooding in Thailand…The ramifications and solutions for media

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The flooding in Thailand is real and will impact the media and post production business.  After the Japan tsunami issues with Sony SR stock, now as tape-less acquisition becomes the standard, hard drives are becoming harder to find and more expensive.

Key Code Media is receiving weekly price increases from our drive suppliers.  Many of our other suppliers who have extended inventories are creating a sense of urgency to us to buy now, rather than being in a situation where they run out of inventory.

Straight from Bloomberg BusinessWeek (

Oct. 12: Seagate Technology PLC, which makes hard drives, says its factories in Thailand have been operational, but it may have difficulty making hard drives because of constraints in getting parts.

Oct. 17: Computer hard drive maker Western Digital Corp. says flooding damage to its Thailand locations will have a significant impact on its operations and its ability to meet customer demand the rest of the year.

Oct. 18: Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook says he is “virtually certain there will be an overall industry shortage of disk drives.” Cook warns that Apple’s Mac lines will be most affected.

Nov. 21: Hewlett-Packard Co. says supply constraints should start to ease by the end of the fiscal second quarter, which ends in April. But the company says the situation remains dynamic. “I’ve been on the phone with the heads of all four of our disk drive partners and I’m not even sure they have a complete picture about when they’re going to be back up and running,” CEO Meg Whitman said. She says the company expects to get more than its fair share of drives because of long-term relationships with suppliers, but “this is going to be pretty tough for the industry.”

Hard drive limitations and price increases are real and will be an issue through June 2012.  So what should the post production industry do?

The easy answer, buy hard drives now before they get more expensive.  The harder answer is with tight margin and projects not confirmed, buying drives in anticipation of a shortage is tough and risky approach.  Key Code Media’s recommendation is to evaluate LTO-5.  We represent a couple key archive and asset management technologies allowing for quick archive and retrieval.  LTO-5 stores 1.5TB of data and is priced, per cartridge under $60.  With the stability of a 30 year shelf life, LTO-5 provides reliable archive and now with LTFS, can be used in place of fire wire drives and traditional video tape.  We carry two companies products which start below $8,000 that can get our clients over the drive shortage hump: Cache-A and StorageDNA.

Give us a call to further discuss: 818-303-3900, 415-221-0300, 206-728-4000, 310-401-6700 and 949-757-0303



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