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Avid Technology Announces DS 10.5 Software Only At IBC

September 11, 2010 1 comment

Just when we thought DS was dead…….  Avid Technology announces DS 10.5 at IBC 2010 today.

The announcement includes the following information:

Avid DS 10.5 offers an extensive feature-set to help customers manage their project pipeline, including but not limited to:

  • All-in-one graphics and compositing capabilities that help speed project turnaround by eliminating the need toggle between software applications to render media.
  • Full 2K playback or HD RGB 4:4:4 proxies for precise color correction and data management of effects and titles, ideal for finishing television projects.
  • REDRocket Accelerator card support to bring increased power for transcoding and the ability to render from any resolution, offering customers the real-time capabilities identical to standard video or film-based media workflows.
  • Increased access to the full creative toolset of AVX2 effects, including those from Boris FX, Sapphire and The Foundry, to streamline workflow at any stage of the editorial process.

Software DS 10.5 is priced at $9995 USD for professional licenses and each comes standard with a copy of Media Composer® 5 software.  DS 10.5 is recommended for use with the HP Z800 workstation series.

OK….so what does this really mean?   Well, since I’m only reading announcements from the web, I’ll give my best take.

1) Avid has officially moved DS off expensive low performing hardware of the Nitris BOB, not to be confused with Nitris DX.  The Nitris BOB was getting old and relatively useless.  On the 10.0 DS release, file independence and most of the other featured announcements had already been blessed, meaning resolution independence, Red Rocket, Stereoscopic workflow and the AVX 2.0 tool set.  So the big announcement is no expensive break out box.

2) Avid includes Media Composer 5.x which effectively makes the price of Software DS 10.5 at $7,495, which is half the price of Autodesk’s Smoke on a Mac.

3) Adding an AJA Kona3G (  card for $1,995 or a Bluefish Epoch (priced at around $3,495 (ballpark) ( gives one a very powerful workstation at a turnkey price in the sub $20k range.

4) The big question that the DS faithful will want to know is where does DS fit in the roadmap of the new Avid?  DS has had multiple lives going back to the mid 90’s when Microsoft was the Corporate father.  Is DS alive and well?  That question is a lot tougher to figure out.  My take is at this price, this is the cleanest conform for Avid Media Composer systems finishing in 2K or above.  The need to use DS for 444 is no longer relevant since both the Media Composer and Symphony systems can digitize and lay back in 444 with the NitrisDX IO.  Will Avid Technology continue a development path or will they look to integrating feature sets into other product.  DS does do some cool things that have now become overlooked, primarily the use of the integration of Elastic Reality’s morphing functions (Avid purchased Elastic Reality in 1996) and the use of the old Parallax (a 1995 purchase) of Advance (Illusion) compositing tool sets including the famous node based compositor and Matador, the excellent paint program with great roto.  Of course, these technologies were cutting edge in 1996 and a lot of work has been done since in the paint environment and compositing world since then.

My personal take and perspective is that the world has changed a lot since DS was last a popular finishing tool and a good portion of Avid’s client base does not need any more than 444 which keeps them in their world of the “mediacomposer” interface.  I think, where niche projects need the advanced AAF Avid conform for 2K projects, DS will have a fit and can then pass along the files to a color grading system such as Assimilate’s Scratch or Digital Vision’s Nucoda FilmMaster.

Long term, the community will need to see the feature set advancement or integration into what has been my personal recommendation I’ve given to Avid since 1999 to integrate Symphony’s interface with DS’s toolset and resolution independence.

for the complete Avid DS 1.05 release-

btw   we will get our hands on this as soon as available.

Mike Cavanagh

for more information, call us at Key Code Media  818-303-3900

AJA Releases New Technology at IBC

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

New IBC AJA announcements

AJA connects across the Board!  Smaller, Faster, Better and Cheaper!

AJA announced today 3 new key products;  Ki Pro Mini, KONA 3G and Hi5-3D.

Ki Pro Mini is the smallest and simplest way of connecting production and post, anywhere shooting takes you.
With a miniature form factor that makes for the smallest camera and recorder package available, Ki Pro Mini is powerful, supporting all four types of Apple ProRes 422 (including HQ, LT and Proxy).  The newest member of the award winning Ki Pro family, Ki Pro Mini simpli”es the link between production and post by unobtrusively fitting in small spaces and acquiring on the best codec for use with Apple Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS 5 and more from any SDI or HDMI camera, along with ability to use on Avid Media Composer 5.x via the Avid AMA technology.
With its high quality digital connectivity, you’ve got the perfect solution for portable on-set digital capture regardless of format.  With its high quality digital connectivity, you’ve got the perfect solution for portable on-set digital capture. Ki Pro Mini records to a small CF Card.

As a comparison,Cinedeck has a view finder and records Cineform, DPX and DNxHD while including a view finder.  This package from Cinedeck runs at $10,000.  AJA is pushing the affordability number down and offering lower cost storage using Flash drives.  Ki Pro Mini goes for an unbelievable entry price of $1,995 with the following options available: Ki Pro exoskeleten for $595 with assorted end plates adding up to another $400.  Still great price.

KONA 3G features 10-bit Uncompressed video I/O, the newest HDMI 1.4a support for 3D work#ows, 16- channel SDI embedded audio I/O, and up to 16- channel AES digital audio I/O.  This standard effec tively doubles the data rate of HDSDI allowing for the transmission of 1080p at 50 or 60 fps over a single coaxial cable rather than t wo. PCIe 2.0 suppor t allows all your data to move around with the extended bandwidth it needs for Progressive Frame work#ows and multi-layer effects work.

This puts the Kona 3G into the Steroscopic workflow world by Through SDI, you can output Discrete  Left and Right Eye feeds with a simple Stereo button choice in the AJA Control Panel.  In addition, all the muxed feeds for SDI stereo monitoring are accessible through tight integration with CineForm’s stereo codecs in Apple FCP and Adobe CS5 timelines for Side by Side, Top Bottom and so much more.  Through HDMI 1.4a, you can utilize more affordable 3D monitors for Side by Side, Top Bottom and Frame Packed needs.
KONA 3G and for a price of $1,995, offers you Stereo Simplicity at unheard of values.

The Hi5-3D is a 3D video multiplexer Mini-Converter that combines two 3G-SDI or HDSDI Inputs into various multiplexed 3D formats for output on true stereoscopic (“stereo”) HDMI 1.4a as well as HD-SDI.
The Hi5-3D is the most flexible 3D Mini- Converter in the market with full access to Horizontal and Vertical (H&V) image flipping, an absolute must for the reality of 3D camera setups.  All outputs are live simultaneously and  configuration is a dream with both dip-switch and remote USB configuration control.

Call us at 818-303-3900 to schedule your demo today.

Key Code Media is a valued and authorized partner of AJA and will be ordering stock.

Avid Technology Quicktime Codec Update

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

The QuickTime codecs v2.2.1 addresses an issue encountered in Avid Media Composer v4.0.5, Avid Symphony v4.0.5, and Avid NewsCutter v8.0.5 in which DVCPro, MPEG, and Avid DV exports result in black video. See KB Article 350631 for additional information regarding this issue. Mac and PC versions of the installers can be downloaded below. For more information about these codecs visit the Avid QuickTime Codecs LE 2.2.1 Specifications page. For complete install instructions, reference the ReadMe file below.

Avid Codecs LE v2.2.1 ReadMe
Avid Codecs LE v2.2.1 Installer Mac
Avid Codecs LE v2.2.1 Installer PC

Avid and Dongles

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Avid Technolgoy is migrating away from dongles.  They still do allow them, it is now becoming an additional charge.  Over the transition, Avid has been extremely generous providing us Make Good kits to bridge the MC software from 3.x to 4.x when we request physical dongles.  Unfortunately, moving forward if a client wants software with dongle there will be a charge to upgrade to 4.x.

If you request 7010-30101-02 (MC v3.x with dongle) on your Nitris DX orders the client will receive only v3.5.4.  If the client has Assurance they can upgrade for free to 4.x however they will still need to upgrade the 3rd party software via 0010-30303-01 (cost is $195).  If the client doesn’t have Assurance, they will also need to purchase 7510-30082-01 (cost is $495) to upgrade the MC Soft and 3rd party software.

The same applies to the MC Soft stand alone as well (7500-30108-01).  If the client has Assurance they can upgrade for free to 4.x however they will still need to upgrade the 3rd party software via 0010-30303-01 (cost is $195).  If the client doesn’t have Assurance, they will also need to purchase 7510-30082-01 (cost is $495) to upgrade the MC Soft and 3rd party software.  This to get the software if dongles are needed

Overall, having dongles go away is not bad.  Since the dongle is the IP, losing a cheap piece of plastic can set you back $2000+.  Having log in, you can now license different systems where the software is loaded via the web, no longer making it critical to carry around your dongle between the cutting room and home.

Avid Technology qualifies Snow Leopard for MediaComposer 4.05. and Apple 27″ IMac

February 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Avid Technolgy has qualified the MediaComposer 4.0.5 running software only for the Apple 27″ IMac.   Snow Leopard Mac OS 10.6.2, 2.8 Ghz with 4gb RAM.

Mac OS 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard) also supports Avid Interplay!

Avid has also qualified the HP Z800 2.66GHz WorkstationZ800 Operating System for MediaComposer and Symphonychoices:
Microsoft® Windows Vista Business 64-bit Edition (SP1 / SP2)
Microsoft® Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition (SP1 / SP2)
Microsoft® Windows XP Professional 32-bit Edition (SP2 / SP3)

For more details call Key Code Media at 818-303-3900

StorageDNA V3 Released

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

January 19, 2010

StorageDNA today released Version 3.0 where users can now set up secure accelerated virtual share networks on the fly.  StorageDNA’s V3.0 is a media pipeline bridge that integrates directly into your existing SAN and NAS systems. While current SAN/NAS systems inherently provide local shared access, StorageDNA’s V3.0 allows you to extend your SAN/NAS for remote workflows as well. When combined with your existing storage solution, V3.0 enables you to share any folder on your SAN with a workstation that may be on another floor, across the street, or across the country. The ability to share content with other non-SAN clients enables faster ingest, editorial, transcoding, approval and distribution workflows. V3.0 integrates with any SAN or NAS system as a service or a customer hosted solution, minimizing risk and disruptions.

Technology Highlights

WAN Acceleration
StorageDNA Employs TCP based optimization to overcome latency issues. At the same time this keeps the inherent fairness and security paradigms missing from UDP. Send/Receive Buffer Resizing: Based on network latency and bandwidth, our technology can tweak send and receive buffers to maximize bandwidth. Multi-Streaming with Chunking: Employs multiple streams for transfers with the ability to not only send multiple files in parallel (speeds up many small files transfers) but also speeds up largefiles (sends chunks of the same file in parallel). SACKS: Can also utilize SACKS or Selective Acknowldgements to speed up TCP behavior on congested links.

Centralized Control
A powerful centralized web management interface enables you to control your media pipelines. Create, edit and monitor any part of your environment. As an administrator you can create different levels of access for other users, change network configuration parameters, start/stop any job across your environment. Scalability
Built on a direct peer architecture, your data does not route via a centralized server. Syncsy online servers (in SaaS offering) and the DNA720 server (capex offering) act as a web management and discovery engine. This enables you to add data movement clients without any scalability bottlenecks. On-Demand, Automated, Event Based
Users can setup your data exchanges to be on-demand, fully automated or event based. In either scenario, we use sync technology to create a byte for byte mirror of your source onto your target. Network and Bandwidth Management
Designed to make network configuration a breeze, we enable creative firewall configuration where only end needs to have an inbound port configured, irrespective of which direction data is being sent. Additionally, bandwidth throttle, IOPS throttle, enables you to allocate bandwidth as required. Options To Fine Tune Your Environment
Intelligent delete, pathname mapping, include/exclude file filters, alerts, pre/post scripting, dual authentication – Enables you to fine tune your environment.

Key Code Media has deployed more StorageDNA 720 and Syncsy systems than any other reseller on the planet.  We understand synchronization and the collaboration aspects of StorageDNA enabling radical productivity improvements within a media company.  We’ve installed StorageDNA with Avid Unity systems, Facilis, Apple Xsan and standalone transfers between facilities.  Synchronization with StorageDNA creates an opportunity to significantly save on online storage and significantly improve collaboration on projects between remote sites.  Our clients include top Hollywood Studios, trailer houses, animation and fx shops, and corporate facilities. Tridib Chakravarty, C.E.O. of StorageDNA, states “Key Code Media is an elite reseller understanding workflow, providing support and partnering with StorageDNA as a true value added partner.  They have been instrumental in deploying our largest workflows with excellent results.”

StorageDNA will be announcing this technology today at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco at 12:30pm

Call Key Code Media today at 818-303-3900 for more information.

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Avid Isis adds RAID-6

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Avid Technology announced today the new feature for ISIS-   ISIS RAID-6 – Avid Unity ISIS now supports, as a customer selectable option, the ability to configure storage groups using RAID-6 as the method for data protection. ISIS RAID-6 provides 50% more usable capacity than ISIS Mirroring, lowering the cost for usable $/GB by 33%. RAID-6 also provides increased protection for stored media by tolerating two simultaneous storage blade failures (per storage group) without losing data. RAID-6 has been qualified for real-time editing content with media data rates of 50 Mbs and below – ideal for browse-editing of proxy content. Material can be ingested into a RAID- 6 storage group using Avid AirSpeed servers, Interplay Low-Res Encode, and file-based transfers through the new Avid Unity ISIS File Gateway.

Key Code Media will be testing this huge storage saving initiative in early Jan 2010 to provide specific details to the performance and stability.

Please call us at 818-303-3900 for further details.

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