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Avid Ships MediaComposer 5.5 Major Release

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Key Code Media is Avid Technologies largest reseller of video products in the world.  We understand workflow, the Avid systems and how to integrate Avid within complex workflows.  With over ten Avid ASCRs, we’d like to announce the key new information about this exciting release.

Here’s what’s new for v5.5:

PhraseFind  1.0 and ScriptSync 1.0 Released

a.       Both options run with the 5.5.1/9.5.1 releases

AMA Plugins Are Separate Installer

b.      The AMA Plugins are now a separate installer that is NOT bundled with the application installers

c.       Visit for more information and to download the installers

Avid License Control

d.      Avid License Control is a separate application used for activating and deactivating ScriptSync and PhraseFind licenses

e.       Information on how to use the tool can be found on the KB here

New Avid QT Codecs 2.3.4 Resolves Westmere DNxHD Issues

f.        The new 2.3.4 QT codecs that ship with 5.5.1 resolve an issue with DNxHD resolutions on Westmere Macs

g.      This codec package is supported with 5.0.3 builds of the editing application as well


New Macs Released by Apple

i.         On February 24th, 2011, Apple announced new versions of their 13″, 15″, and 17″ MacBook Pros with Thunderbolt.

j.         These systems are under evaluation with Media Composer. Qualification and supported configurations will be announced at a future date.


Media Composer 5.5.1, Symphony 5.5.1, and NewsCutter 9.5.1 Released

l.         The latest release has been made available for purchase and download.

m.     Support Contract Customers are entitled to the upgrade.

n.       For more information,  see:



I/O Comparison:




Version 5.5:



Matrox Mini MX02:

AJA IO Express:

Software Licensing:

Avid Artist Series:

Audio Hardware and MC:

MC Trial:

Specifications and configuration:


Config Guidelines:

Matrox MX02:


Feature Performance:

3rd Party:

Version Matrix:

What’s New:


Smart Tools in v5.5:

Online tutorials:
Call Key Code Media at 206-728-4000, 310-401-6700, 415-221-0300 or 818-303-3900 for more information

NewTek Releases New Hardware Control Surface for TriCaster™ TCXD850

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

NewTek Releases New Hardware Control Surface for TriCaster™ TCXD850
TriCaster TCXD850 CS delivers touch control of live production NewTek  today announced the release of TriCaster™ TCXD850 CS, a hardware control surface for
the TriCaster TCXD850 high definition (HD) portable live production system. The TriCaster TCXD850 CS provides a physical connection to the 24-channel system’s functions and effects allowing operators to make snap decisions with confidence and ease.
Key Code Media has invested has paired the Control Surface with each of our demonstration TriCaster TCXD850 systems in Burbank, Irvine, Seattle, San Francisco and Santa Monica.     TriCaster TCXD850 CS hardware provides illuminated push buttons, twist knobs, a premium T-bar and three-axis joystick to control all of the functions and effects available in the TriCaster TCXD850, letting operators perform commands instantly. “With live events, there’s no second chance. You have to be certain and you have to be fast. Our goal with every new product is to give our users the opportunity to deliver the best quality live production possible, with confidence and accuracy,” said Andrew Cross, executive vice president of Engineering, NewTek. “This was our focus with the TriCaster TCXD850 CS. Its intuitive layout provides an added level of control, so technical directors can keep their eyes forward.”
TriCaster TCXD850 CS Benefits
· Intuitive Control Layout allows the TriCaster TCXD850 operator to have touch control of all sources. Back-lit buttons, twist knobs, a premium T-bar and three-axis joystick provide a physical connection to the functions and effects available from the TriCaster TCXD850 interface.
· Virtual Input Rows deliver the ability to create complex switcher effects and assign them as switcher channels, including live virtual sets, picture-in-picture elements, and more.
· New Utility Row offers a simple way to assign video streams to TriCaster’s auxiliary video output, downstream key elements, and more.
· Utility Bus Delegate provides the ability to designate the switcher layer assigned to the Utility Row, offering added flexibility for live production.
· Live Virtual Set Controls deliver the zoom levels for camera shots within TriCaster virtual sets (using proprietary NewTek LiveSet™ technology) and execute animated zooms at variable speeds with the press of a button.

Media Player Controls provide easy access to the five digital media players. Use the illuminated buttons to select from the DDRs, titles bin, still store, and sound player, cycle through presets and manage playback options.
· Positioner Controls include a three-axis joystick and back-lit buttons that allow position, full 3D rotation, scale and crop of sources, plus manual control of the virtual zoom, and the ability to jog or shuttle the selected media player.
· Transition Controls allow transition from one multi-source composition to another, manually or automatically. Cycle through transition styles and speeds, and then use the T-bar or illuminated buttons to view the desired source.
· One-Button Streaming allows use of Adobe® Flash® or Microsoft® Windows Media® to deliver a live stream directly to the Web.
· One-Button Recording captures live production at full resolution, with a back-lit button that shows when the Record function is live.
With TriCaster, anyone can simultaneously produce, live stream, broadcast, project and record HD and SD network-style productions. A single operator can switch between multiple cameras, virtual inputs and live virtual sets, while inserting clips, titles and motion graphics with multi-channel effects. TriCaster is used by broadcasters, schools, sports organizations, houses of worship, government agencies and others to provide a new level of extended programming and content to their audience.
Pricing and Availability
TriCaster TCXD850 CS retails in North America for US$5,995
The TriCaster family of products in NTSC is available for education in North America starting at
US$4,995 and in multi-standard for US$5,995.

End of Sale and Support Dates for DigiDelivery….So now what

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Avid released notice at the end of November that Aspera notified Avid they have no inventory of DigiDelivery servers and will not build any more units. Also, other than emergency patches, Aspera is doing no further DigiDelivery software development. The latest version of the DigiDelivery software client (v2.1.1) will remain available on their website  Aspera will end support, maintenance and extended warranty services for DigiDelivery products on December 31, 2011. Support contracts will be offered through December 31, 2011 and can still be purchased on a pro rated basis into 2011.

There have also been rumblings of security breaches

So, what should Digidelivery clients do?  Well, there are a couple different alternatives.  The big question comes down to how has your work flow changed since your initial investment and what are your new objectives on top of that.  Aspera has WAN acceleration products and I am sure they will discuss this as an upgrade path.  Key Code Media recommends one of two different alternatives, depending on the ecosystem of your production and how you interact in the production chain.  If you are doing business with larger enterprise clients who have Signiant, there are some great solutions which you can leverage and become part of the Studios production pipeline.

On the other front, Key Code Media also works with StorageDNA which has a point to point WAN acceleration product which for five seats starts at $5,995. outlines the process.  A couple of key benefits of this technology for Avid based clients is that the system also does synchronization of files and projects with snapshots.  This means the entire file does not need to be re-sent once the file has been transferred, only the changes.

Either direction a client decides, engaging Key Code Media to analyze your options and determine the solution which most enables your business.  Call us today 818-303-3900 with offices in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Burbank and Seattle, we are the West Coast leader for media solutions.

Facilis introduces first upgrade program ever!

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Facilis Technology has been shipping TerraBlock shared storage systems for over 6 years now.  They’ve been offering a capacity upgrade program, which has been a great offering.   Upgrading capacity is a rare program that few manufacturers have done.   What many of the older systems do not get with the upgraded drives is upgraded server performance.

In order to refresh our customers’ technology and make it easier to benefit from the latest feature set and performance advancements, Facilis in conjunction with Key Code Media is offering  a trade-in program for any client’s TerraBlock 12D or 24D that has been in the field for over 4 years. This program excludes the 8XS product.

The Trade-in credit is equal to allows you to move to a  24EX or 24D at 80% the standard pricing.

As with the legacy capacity expansion program, each customer must be qualified for the program prior to quoting. The replaced server chassis and drives must be returned within 30 days.  In addition, Facilis Technology announces that systems over 4 years old are no longer eligible for Extended Hardware Warranty coverage.

Call us today at 818-303-3900, 206-728-4000, 310-401-6700, 949-757-0309 or 415-221-0300 for further information as to how the new Server technology from Facilis can increase the performance of your system.  We have some great year end leasing programs where no payments, upon qualification, are due until April 2011.

Avid Announces the release of Avid ISIS 5000 v.3.1

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

On November 18, 2010 Avid announced the release of Avid ISIS 5000 v.3.1. This release provides several new features including storage expansion beyond 64TB for standalone workgroups, growing post production facilities and local and emerging broadcasters. Expected availability will be December 15, 2010.

Product Details and Highlights include:

Storage Expansion– ISIS 5000 now provides online storage expansion beyond 64TB to 96TB and 128TB using the Storage Expansion Engine:

ISIS 5000 32TB Base (expandable) Engine

16 2TB SATA II drives

10 GbE NIC with SR options

System Manager

Dual system drives

Common spares

Choice of optional switches

ISIS 5000 32TB Expansion Engine Storage

16 2TB SATA II drives

10 GbE NIC with SR optics

System Manager

Dual system drives

Common spares

Linear bandwidth scaling

Up to 1,200 MB/s Read/Write aggregate

Up to 1,400 MB/s all Read


Add to any switched configuration

Storage groups can span one or multiple engines

Benefits of Expansion

Single flexible storage pool

Efficient load balancing

Workspaces and media can be distributed across all spindles in the storage group

Client Licenses– Total concurrent client support is now 90 for all configurations except ISIS 5000 DC. ISIS 5000 DS client limit remains 40. Client licenses remain a no-charge component.

Embedded Resilient System Director Option-Optional storage engine resiliency is now available.

Additional copy of file system metadata

Increased media availability in multi-storage group configurations

Media Migrationsimultaneous connection to Unity MediaNetwork & ISIS 5000. Copy media from your existing MediaNetworking or LANshare system to your ISIS 5000 with you Mac or PC.

Support for CISCO 4948E & 4900M Switches- ISIS 5000 is now qualified with the 4948E & 4900M & both switches will be available.

Support for high density Force 10 S60N-ISIS 5000 is now qualified with the Force10 Networks S60N 48-port Gigabit Ethernet switch. This compliments the previously qualified Force 10 S25N 24-port copper and S25P 24-port optical gigabit switches.

For any additional information on this announcement, to schedule a demo or product questions, please contact or 818-303-3900

Assimilate Announced the Immediate Availability of Scratch 5.2

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Assimilate announced on November 18, 2010 the immediate availability of SCRATCH 5.2

This new version adds exciting new features that enable increased productivity and creativity in both the grading and finishing of complex projects as well as the dailies workflow.

Here are the new features for finishing artists:

-Improved stereo 3D-specific features, such as:

An S-Lock feature that allows artist to keep a left eye/right eye dual view configuration while interactively selecting which stream to grade, sync or visually manipulate. This unique feature brings a far more intuitive approach to stereoscopic color grading.

Convergence, scaling, and versioning that enable a streamlined, highly efficient 3D pipeline

Supported output to any one of the available stereo patterns: side by side, over/under, line interleave, checkerboard, or anaglyph. This new plug-in enables post production facilities to be more competitive by offering a broader range of output options to their clients.

A Consolidate function that seamlessly archives only the conformed media elements of a project into a centralized directory, even when the original files exist in different locations across a network. This function not only saves time when retrieving archived project elements, but dramatically towers storage hardware costs.

New features for dailies production and viewing

-New additions for RED based productions allow Directors, DP’s and post artists virtually unlimited creativity and flexibility in the dailies process.

These features includes:

The association of meta-data based on shots rather than tracks

The ability to easily update R3D settings across multiple clips at once

Support for the REDlogFilm Gamma

Support for auto-sync of Broadcast Wave files (including calculation of slip values) to significantly improve the efficiency of the dailies workflow.

Software download and licensing information

For existing clients on valid software maintenance, please note that 5.2 is NOT backward compatible and loading a 5.2 project back into a previous version might cause loss of data. You do not require a new license when upgrading from version v5.0 or v5.1, but when upgrading from a prior version, you will. Please send your log file and old license to

Sales and Evaluations

For product information and evaluations please contact or 818-303-3900.

StorageDNA backs up Avid Unity to LTO-5 with LTFS

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

StorageDNA’s ability to utilize IBM’s LTO-5 with LTFS is now installed at Key Code Media.  Yesterday Suman Grandhi, Director of Technical Services at StorageDNA and Matt Flaum, Technical Engineering Guru at Key Code Media, installed DNA Evolution to an Avid MediaNet Unity where the host (MediaComposer) syncing 1.2 gbits/sec (the maximum speed a LTO-5 can record).  What we did is automatically back up and archive to tape with a self restoring binary to LTSF for restore.

for more information, contact Mike Cavanagh-

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