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Discuss. Share. Learn: Autodesk® Smoke for Mac® Mixer (KCM SM) Jan 26th, 2011 Santa Monica

January 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Autodesk® and Key Code Media

Invite you to

Discuss. Share. Learn.

Expand your capabilities.  And stand out from the crowd.

Wednesday January 26, 2011

Join us and explore the all -in-one editorial finishing capabilities of
Autodesk® Smoke ® for Mac OS® X

Join us for an informal gathering that will give you the opportunity to mix, mingle and come together with your peers for in-depth discussions and exchanges of knowledge that can help you do your job better. 

See for yourself how Smoke ® for Mac® OS X helps save time by bringing all the tools you need to deliver high-quality finished content into a single application, including powerful 3D visual effects and a streamlined timeline-based workflow.

Whether you are working on a short television commercial or a long-form episodic, it’s impossible to capture everything you need for the final frame in a single take or render.

If you’re interested in taking your post production workflow to the next level, come meet with Autodesk® Demo Artist, Will Harris and Key Code Media workflow consultants who can provide helpful tips on how to streamline the delivery of your content from editing to finishing while retaining creative control. 

With today’s smaller budgets and tighter timelines, setting yourself apart from other finishing services is no longer just an option-it’s essential to your success. 

early registration is encouraged, capacity is limited!



Wednesday January 26, 2011


Join us for cocktails and appetizers, at our Westside location!  

Key Code Media
Santa Monica
1004 Santa Monica Blvd
(between 10th & 11th)

Santa Monica, CA 90401



It’s the end of the line for Adrenaline & Nitris (Classic) Upgrade TODAY & Save up to 60%

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s the end of the line for Adrenaline and Nitris (Classic) Move up to the Mojo DX

Upgrade to Mojo DX and Save Up to 60% (thats as little as $4000)

Upgrade old Avid video hardware and software to Avid Media Composer or NewsCutter Mojo DX v5 with a year of Avid Standard Support for a savings of almost 60% off regular pricing. Eligible products include Avid Adrenaline, Avid Nitris (classic), Liquid Chrome, and Liquid Blue. ***

With Mojo DX, you can powerful performance and dependability that won’t slow you down, as the system distributes your project’s workload to the component best suited for the job, whether that’s the CPU, GPU, or Mojo DX hardware. Get more streams, more effects, and more power through native support for thin raster video formats. You get out of processing and into editing right away, so you can spend more time shaping your story.

Mojo DX Advantages

  • Thin raster format support
  • Digital HD and SD I/O
  • Desktop or Rackmount configuration
  • Highly portable

Media Composer/NewsCutter v5 Advantages

  • AMA support for RED
  • AMA support for QuickTime (including ProRes, JVC material, Canon DSLR material)
  • AMA support for MFX
  • AMA support for Canon XF
  • AMA XDCAM proxy workflow
  • and more

Only Avid offers a completely integrated hardware and software solution. Take on more jobs, work faster and get the latest high performance Avid DX hardware with the peace of mind that Avid standard support provides.

***Eligible products include Avid Adrenaline, Avid Nitris (classic), Liquid Chrome, and Liquid Blue. avid Meridien and Mojo hardware are NOT eligible. Avid Nitris and Adrenaline hardware must be returned to Avid.

this promotion will expire on March 18, 2011

Upgrade to Nitris DX and Save More than 60% (that’s as little as $6700)

Upgrade old Avid video hardware and software to Avid Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter Nitris DX v5 with a year of Avid Priority Support for a savings of over 60% off regular pricing. Eligible hardware includes Avid Adrenaline, Avid Nitris (classic), Liquid Chrome, and Liquid Blue. ***

With Nitris DX, get more streams, more effects, and more power through native support for thin raster video formats. And with onboard DNxHD endoing, you get out of processing and into editing right away, so you can  spend more time shaping your story. Use this top shelf video hardware together with the latest version of Media Composer, Symphony or NewsCutter software and you have the highest performance editing system ever, capble of taking on your most demanding projects. 

Nitris DX Advantages

  • HD-RGB I/O
  • DNxHD encoding
  • Full analog and digital HD and SD I/O
  • HDMI monitoring
  • and more

This promotion provides a new Media Composer NItris DX 5.0, a symphony Nitris DX 5.0 system, or a NewsCutter Nitris DX 5.0 system and one year Priority Support to Avid Adrenaline, Avid Nitris (classic), Liquid Chrome and Liquid Blue Customers. CPU not included. 

***Avid Meridien and Mojo hardware are NOT eligible. Avid Nitris and Adrenaline hardware must be returned to Avid.

This promotion will expire on March 18, 2011  

Stay creative and learn how you can save today,

818-303-3900 or click here for more info

“Conan” Takes to the Night as NEP Broadcasting, Key Code Media, and Grass Valley Team Up to Provide File-based Production Workflow

December 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Paris, France/Nevada City, Calif., December 14, 2010 — NEP Broadcasting, LLC, a premiere provider of state-of-the-art mobile and fixed broadcast facilities, has installed multiple Grass Valley™ K2 media servers for TBS’s “Conan.” Three K2 Summit™ production clients running ChannelFlex™, three K2 Dyno™ Replay Controllers on a K2 production SAN, a K2 Dyno Production Assistant, and a 180×256 Trinix™ NXT router were recently installed in the new production studio built on Stage 15 on the Warner Bros. Studios lot in Burbank, Calif. “Conan” debuted on TBS on November 8.

The system provides the capability to iso-record the show’s nine studio cameras and control live replays, with content immediately available for editing on their Apple Final Cut Pro NLEs. Additionally, a K2 Solo™ media server is used for playback of key/fill material under direct control by the show’s technical director. The Grass Valley multi-format servers will support all types of file-based video and audio production for “Conan.”

“Whether it’s for live production or in-studio environments, we’ve found Grass Valley’s technology to be the most reliable and cost effective for our clients,” said George Hoover, Chief Technology Officer for NEP Broadcasting.

Key Code Media, a west coast-based systems integrator, was responsible for the design and implementation of all post production systems for this project (K2 SAN, Final Cut integration, and graphics). Key Code Media also supplied the 96 TB K2 SAN storage, K2 BaseCamp Express, and Apple Final Cut and graphic workstations, networking them together with the K2 Summits, K2 Solo media servers, K2 Dyno Replay Controllers, and K2 Dyno Production using a 4 Gb Fibre Channel SAN infrastructure. All post systems are real-time with production while the edit-in-place functions allows the “Conan” producers to ready segments for air as they are being recorded.

“The production team at ‘Conan’ is just the latest to discover and benefit from the K2 family of media server solution,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “By using this tightly integrated system, ‘Conan’ enjoys the most efficient file-based production and post production workflow available.”

NEP Supershooters, a long time Grass Valley customer, and as announced recently, has also ordered three Kayenne™ Video Production Center production switchers, one each for their SS29 production truck, the updated SS21, and one yet to be named “Super” truck.

 Click here for the full story

For more information on Key Code Media integration services, contact: or 818-303-3900.

Key Code Media Finance Special Promotion

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment
Key Code Media Finance Special Promotion


No payments for 3 months! 

You can purchase the equipment you need now and make no lease payments for 3 months*

Take advantage of our special bank rate financing programs by working directly with “Best in Class” lenders and retain your company’s capital

100% Tax Deductible Leasing

Under Tax code Section 179 when lease any piece of equipment through a $1 buy-out term you have the opportunity to deduct 100% of that equipment’s purchase price (up to $500,000) from your 2010 gross income. *

This tax benefit has the ability to greatly reduce your annual taxable income while still providing you with the necessary equipment required to expand your business and continue to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Contact Key Code Finance today for more information: or 818-303-3915

*valid on leases paid on or before Dec 31, 2010 on approved credit, some restrictions may apply. Consult your personal tax advisor or accountant. This information is intended for promotional use only.



Join us at REDucation Community Day: RED Studios Hollywood Dec 9, 2010

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment


Thursday December 5, 2010


It’s a “Community Day” of Epic Proportions!
RED Studios is the location for RED Community Day, an opportunity for attendees to see new RED centric products, mix and mingle with other industry professionals,

 learn best RED practices and catch the latest RED buzz from insiders.


See the Epic for yourself at Community Day

VIEW a video interview with Ted Shilowitz covering the “Top Ten” Red Epic Question and then come see it with your own eyes on December 9th.

December 9, 2010 | RED Studios Hollywood
Los Angeles | 5:00 PM-9:00 PM

RED Studios Hollywood
846 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3704
(323) 463-0808

Open to the general public and costs $20.00 in advance, $30 at the door.


ASSIMILATE – 5:00pm to 5:45pm

TERADEK – 5:45pm to 6:30pm

AJA – 6:30pm to 7:15pm

ADOBE – 7:15pm to 8:00pm

THE FOUNDRY – 8:00pm to 8:45pm

Ted Schilowitz from RED Studios will cap off the evening by introducing Epic


RED studios is the location for RED Community Day, an opportunity for attendees to see new RED centric products, mix and mingle with other industry professionals, learn best RED practices and catch the latest RED buzz from insiders.

Part of the popular REDucation series class (December 7-11, 2011) Community Day is Thursday, December 9th from 5:00 PM-8:00 PM at RED Studios in Hollywood. You can expect a cocktail party atmosphere with great food and drink, RED accessories, networking and Epic! Presentations take place throughout the night.



Avid Announces the release of Avid ISIS 5000 v.3.1

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

On November 18, 2010 Avid announced the release of Avid ISIS 5000 v.3.1. This release provides several new features including storage expansion beyond 64TB for standalone workgroups, growing post production facilities and local and emerging broadcasters. Expected availability will be December 15, 2010.

Product Details and Highlights include:

Storage Expansion– ISIS 5000 now provides online storage expansion beyond 64TB to 96TB and 128TB using the Storage Expansion Engine:

ISIS 5000 32TB Base (expandable) Engine

16 2TB SATA II drives

10 GbE NIC with SR options

System Manager

Dual system drives

Common spares

Choice of optional switches

ISIS 5000 32TB Expansion Engine Storage

16 2TB SATA II drives

10 GbE NIC with SR optics

System Manager

Dual system drives

Common spares

Linear bandwidth scaling

Up to 1,200 MB/s Read/Write aggregate

Up to 1,400 MB/s all Read


Add to any switched configuration

Storage groups can span one or multiple engines

Benefits of Expansion

Single flexible storage pool

Efficient load balancing

Workspaces and media can be distributed across all spindles in the storage group

Client Licenses– Total concurrent client support is now 90 for all configurations except ISIS 5000 DC. ISIS 5000 DS client limit remains 40. Client licenses remain a no-charge component.

Embedded Resilient System Director Option-Optional storage engine resiliency is now available.

Additional copy of file system metadata

Increased media availability in multi-storage group configurations

Media Migrationsimultaneous connection to Unity MediaNetwork & ISIS 5000. Copy media from your existing MediaNetworking or LANshare system to your ISIS 5000 with you Mac or PC.

Support for CISCO 4948E & 4900M Switches- ISIS 5000 is now qualified with the 4948E & 4900M & both switches will be available.

Support for high density Force 10 S60N-ISIS 5000 is now qualified with the Force10 Networks S60N 48-port Gigabit Ethernet switch. This compliments the previously qualified Force 10 S25N 24-port copper and S25P 24-port optical gigabit switches.

For any additional information on this announcement, to schedule a demo or product questions, please contact or 818-303-3900

Assimilate Announced the Immediate Availability of Scratch 5.2

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Assimilate announced on November 18, 2010 the immediate availability of SCRATCH 5.2

This new version adds exciting new features that enable increased productivity and creativity in both the grading and finishing of complex projects as well as the dailies workflow.

Here are the new features for finishing artists:

-Improved stereo 3D-specific features, such as:

An S-Lock feature that allows artist to keep a left eye/right eye dual view configuration while interactively selecting which stream to grade, sync or visually manipulate. This unique feature brings a far more intuitive approach to stereoscopic color grading.

Convergence, scaling, and versioning that enable a streamlined, highly efficient 3D pipeline

Supported output to any one of the available stereo patterns: side by side, over/under, line interleave, checkerboard, or anaglyph. This new plug-in enables post production facilities to be more competitive by offering a broader range of output options to their clients.

A Consolidate function that seamlessly archives only the conformed media elements of a project into a centralized directory, even when the original files exist in different locations across a network. This function not only saves time when retrieving archived project elements, but dramatically towers storage hardware costs.

New features for dailies production and viewing

-New additions for RED based productions allow Directors, DP’s and post artists virtually unlimited creativity and flexibility in the dailies process.

These features includes:

The association of meta-data based on shots rather than tracks

The ability to easily update R3D settings across multiple clips at once

Support for the REDlogFilm Gamma

Support for auto-sync of Broadcast Wave files (including calculation of slip values) to significantly improve the efficiency of the dailies workflow.

Software download and licensing information

For existing clients on valid software maintenance, please note that 5.2 is NOT backward compatible and loading a 5.2 project back into a previous version might cause loss of data. You do not require a new license when upgrading from version v5.0 or v5.1, but when upgrading from a prior version, you will. Please send your log file and old license to

Sales and Evaluations

For product information and evaluations please contact or 818-303-3900.