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Media Composer 6, dongles and back reving to 5.5

Avid 6.0 upgrades and issues.

Key Code Media just finished a webinar presented by our staff Senior Technology & Workflow Consultant, Michael Kammes, last Thursday, we’ll be posting the link of the recording early next week.  We’ve highlighted a couple key points about the migration and areas to be cautionary.

Why would someone want to stay on 5.5x?

1) need to stay on Mac OS 10.6, or a 32bit version of Windows
2) want to use Nitris Classic, Adrenaline, or Mojo SDI
3) desire to stay compatible with other MC 5.5 systems on the project / facility (this would be more of a cautious manuever, however)
4) caution about moving to a X.0 version of software.  I still remember one of the MediaComposer’s most unstable release, 7.0 with the ABVB.  In my opinion the 7.2x ABVB release was also one of the most stable MediaComposer releases ever.

Lastly, we really recommend having a lot of ram.  12GB is recommended, your system will work with less ram, but will be slower depending on the jobs being done.
For those customers that are purchasing net new systems with an electronic license, there is NO way to downgrade this license to a previous version.

If you have clients that wish to run version 5.5 at this time on a net new system, they must purchase a dongle with the Avid software.

This would also apply to customers purchasing the v6 upgrade but wishing to remain on an older version.  Key Code is finding out from Avid what the Avid part number is for a swap to a dongle, if Avid still offers this in version 6.

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  1. December 11, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    Also found issues with Automatic Duck back and fourth between Final Cut Pro 7 to MediaComposer 6. MediaComposer 5.5 from Automatic Duck works fine. Thanks for the update Ed Friesma.

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