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Key Code Media, Ten years in business

Ten years ago today, I gathered 21 potential employees in a conference room in Burbank, California to recruit them to a new business I was starting called Key Code Media.  This was ten days after the 911 terrorist attacks, probably one of the toughest times in U.S. history to start a business.  Fortunately, the team was interested in joining me and worked incredibly hard to make Key Code Media what we have become today.

The first year was an incredibly tough start, the economy was slow due to the September 11 attacks and the Writers Guild strike placed a significant shutdown for Hollywood production.  In 2002, we had to lay off nine employees.  That was one of the hardest moments at Key Code Media, as was 2009.  In 2002, my ex-partners, from a previous company had gone out of business.  Their bank still had a personal guaranty of mine and the bank collector was going after me personally.  Since credit was tight, my wife and I applied for over 16 credit cards and our C.F.O. Ka Man Chan juggled all payments with the list of cards and available credit.  The economy started to stabilize. I am grateful that Banker friends from college in helped me leverage the growth of the business by establishing significant lines of credit with their respective banks.  Startups are incredibly difficult.

Key Code Media has expanded our services and solutions over the years.  Early products were Telestream, Avid and Sony.  We have grown  to carry  a range of best of breed products which allow our clients to leverage the digital media revolution.  We are now involved in deploying asset management solutions, archive strategies and advanced services and consulting.

I am even more excited about the next ten years as we help improve our clients’ businesses.  Shortly, we’ll roll out new campaigns, services and solutions that will help our clients leverage their assets in ways that were unimaginable in 2001.

I’d like to personally thank our employees, vendors, my family and especially our clients who’ve supported us over the years.  Key Code Media wouldn’t be around without this amazing support.  Our 10 year celebration party will be on October 20th at our Burbank Corporate Facility.  Please stop by if you can.

Thank you all for your help
Mike Cavanagh
President and Founder

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