Apple, Avid and Key Code Media present

An Evening Discussion of

“The Future of Non Linear Editing”

Join us for an evening discussion at the Delancey Street Foundation Screening Room


Casey Richards (Avid Technology, Inc: Applications Specialist)

Steven Cohen (Motion Picture Editor, Author of “Avid Agility”)

Jim Duvardo (Hoff Productions: Chief Engineer)

Tony Welch (Beyond Pix Studios: Creative Services Director)

 Moderator: Michael Kammes (Key Code Media: Senior Applications Editor & Post Workflow Consultant)

Learn how editors and producers are dealing with Avid and Final Cut Pro hybrid workflows on their projects.

As Non Linear Editorial tools have become commoditized, the process for many is still a painstaking task. Acquiring the tools may be easy but using them in a highly technical and collaborative environment can be quite difficult.

Our panel will discuss how some of these tools and workflows are being managed in real production environments, including Avid and Final Cut workflows and in open environments where both tools are present and contributors to the final production.



February 16, 2011

Cocktail Reception 5:30pm-6:30pm

Panel Discussion 6:30pm-8pm


Delancey Street Foundation Screening Room

600 The Embarcadero

(Between Brennan Street & Embarcadero)

San Francisco, CA 94107

1st (25) registrants to arrive will receive a FREE copy of Steven Cohen’s “Avid Agility”


  1. February 17, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    For a little self promotion….great event, Michael Kammes did a wonderful job engaging the panelists and keeping the topics relevant to the audience. Steve Cohen’s user take provided the audience a great understanding of the demands on the freelance editor and the rate and time pressures that are becoming more prevalent. Jim Duvardo’s perspective of the facility engineer’s issues with tape less work flows and the economic pressures of the television was insightful. Tony Welch outlined how Beyond Pix Studios handled the migration to a tape-less world. In my opinion he gave the quote of the night seeing, “good products stick around with longevity” StorageDNA’s synchronization technology was also brought up as an example of dispersed workflows and new means for collaboration. Overall, Both the Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut system were spoken of highly and having their place within a facility. Michael Hoff Productions uses both, but for the shared workgroups Jim referenced the standardization with the Media Composer. Both Jim Duvardo and Tony Welch stated their secret weapon in post production to be Avid Unity, with Jim using Media Composer systems and Tony using FinalCut Pro systems. An excellent evening of engagement, thank you to all the panelists, organizers and attendees.

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