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Facilis introduces first upgrade program ever!

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Facilis Technology has been shipping TerraBlock shared storage systems for over 6 years now.  They’ve been offering a capacity upgrade program, which has been a great offering.   Upgrading capacity is a rare program that few manufacturers have done.   What many of the older systems do not get with the upgraded drives is upgraded server performance.

In order to refresh our customers’ technology and make it easier to benefit from the latest feature set and performance advancements, Facilis in conjunction with Key Code Media is offering  a trade-in program for any client’s TerraBlock 12D or 24D that has been in the field for over 4 years. This program excludes the 8XS product.

The Trade-in credit is equal to allows you to move to a  24EX or 24D at 80% the standard pricing.

As with the legacy capacity expansion program, each customer must be qualified for the program prior to quoting. The replaced server chassis and drives must be returned within 30 days.  In addition, Facilis Technology announces that systems over 4 years old are no longer eligible for Extended Hardware Warranty coverage.

Call us today at 818-303-3900, 206-728-4000, 310-401-6700, 949-757-0309 or 415-221-0300 for further information as to how the new Server technology from Facilis can increase the performance of your system.  We have some great year end leasing programs where no payments, upon qualification, are due until April 2011.

Avid Announces the release of Avid ISIS 5000 v.3.1

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On November 18, 2010 Avid announced the release of Avid ISIS 5000 v.3.1. This release provides several new features including storage expansion beyond 64TB for standalone workgroups, growing post production facilities and local and emerging broadcasters. Expected availability will be December 15, 2010.

Product Details and Highlights include:

Storage Expansion– ISIS 5000 now provides online storage expansion beyond 64TB to 96TB and 128TB using the Storage Expansion Engine:

ISIS 5000 32TB Base (expandable) Engine

16 2TB SATA II drives

10 GbE NIC with SR options

System Manager

Dual system drives

Common spares

Choice of optional switches

ISIS 5000 32TB Expansion Engine Storage

16 2TB SATA II drives

10 GbE NIC with SR optics

System Manager

Dual system drives

Common spares

Linear bandwidth scaling

Up to 1,200 MB/s Read/Write aggregate

Up to 1,400 MB/s all Read


Add to any switched configuration

Storage groups can span one or multiple engines

Benefits of Expansion

Single flexible storage pool

Efficient load balancing

Workspaces and media can be distributed across all spindles in the storage group

Client Licenses– Total concurrent client support is now 90 for all configurations except ISIS 5000 DC. ISIS 5000 DS client limit remains 40. Client licenses remain a no-charge component.

Embedded Resilient System Director Option-Optional storage engine resiliency is now available.

Additional copy of file system metadata

Increased media availability in multi-storage group configurations

Media Migrationsimultaneous connection to Unity MediaNetwork & ISIS 5000. Copy media from your existing MediaNetworking or LANshare system to your ISIS 5000 with you Mac or PC.

Support for CISCO 4948E & 4900M Switches- ISIS 5000 is now qualified with the 4948E & 4900M & both switches will be available.

Support for high density Force 10 S60N-ISIS 5000 is now qualified with the Force10 Networks S60N 48-port Gigabit Ethernet switch. This compliments the previously qualified Force 10 S25N 24-port copper and S25P 24-port optical gigabit switches.

For any additional information on this announcement, to schedule a demo or product questions, please contact or 818-303-3900

Assimilate Announced the Immediate Availability of Scratch 5.2

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Assimilate announced on November 18, 2010 the immediate availability of SCRATCH 5.2

This new version adds exciting new features that enable increased productivity and creativity in both the grading and finishing of complex projects as well as the dailies workflow.

Here are the new features for finishing artists:

-Improved stereo 3D-specific features, such as:

An S-Lock feature that allows artist to keep a left eye/right eye dual view configuration while interactively selecting which stream to grade, sync or visually manipulate. This unique feature brings a far more intuitive approach to stereoscopic color grading.

Convergence, scaling, and versioning that enable a streamlined, highly efficient 3D pipeline

Supported output to any one of the available stereo patterns: side by side, over/under, line interleave, checkerboard, or anaglyph. This new plug-in enables post production facilities to be more competitive by offering a broader range of output options to their clients.

A Consolidate function that seamlessly archives only the conformed media elements of a project into a centralized directory, even when the original files exist in different locations across a network. This function not only saves time when retrieving archived project elements, but dramatically towers storage hardware costs.

New features for dailies production and viewing

-New additions for RED based productions allow Directors, DP’s and post artists virtually unlimited creativity and flexibility in the dailies process.

These features includes:

The association of meta-data based on shots rather than tracks

The ability to easily update R3D settings across multiple clips at once

Support for the REDlogFilm Gamma

Support for auto-sync of Broadcast Wave files (including calculation of slip values) to significantly improve the efficiency of the dailies workflow.

Software download and licensing information

For existing clients on valid software maintenance, please note that 5.2 is NOT backward compatible and loading a 5.2 project back into a previous version might cause loss of data. You do not require a new license when upgrading from version v5.0 or v5.1, but when upgrading from a prior version, you will. Please send your log file and old license to

Sales and Evaluations

For product information and evaluations please contact or 818-303-3900.

StorageDNA backs up Avid Unity to LTO-5 with LTFS

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StorageDNA’s ability to utilize IBM’s LTO-5 with LTFS is now installed at Key Code Media.  Yesterday Suman Grandhi, Director of Technical Services at StorageDNA and Matt Flaum, Technical Engineering Guru at Key Code Media, installed DNA Evolution to an Avid MediaNet Unity where the host (MediaComposer) syncing 1.2 gbits/sec (the maximum speed a LTO-5 can record).  What we did is automatically back up and archive to tape with a self restoring binary to LTSF for restore.

for more information, contact Mike Cavanagh-

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IBM, Tape and Media Production…there is a connection

November 16, 2010 1 comment

By Mike Cavanagh

IBM announced the marrying of LTO 5 & LTFS at NAB 2010 and the media world yawned, if even noticed.  After all, what does IBM bring to our world?  Guess what?  This announcement introduced a significant missing link for the long term adaption for the tapeless acquisition workflow world.

Media producers and post production companies have had a couple choices to protect their media: keep on native acquisition format (SxS cards), back up to fire wire drives or buy LTO and either back up to TAR or use the new Cache-A system.  So what does LTO5 with LTFS make so different?  To put it simply, LTFS allows LTO-5 tapes to be seen as a directory of files, like a hard drive.  So with LTFS tape can be browsed in the files native format.  LTFS LTO-5 creates a partition 0 for indexing metadata which includes a directory tree structure.  At 140mb/sec, the read speed is comparable to Apple Pro-res and Avid DNxHD.  This means, editors can browse and play their media straight from the LTO-5 over the network.  This gives tape a drive like appearance allowing for native drive like viewing and descriptions.  The world of archive and restore are now de-mystified and any computer user who can navigate a hard drive can navigate LTFS LTO-5.

Tape workflows have a natural master and archive, the original tape.  Now production is rapidly adopting tapeless acquisition.  The prevalent workflow is to back up and transfer all media onto Firewire drives.  The biggest risk with tapeless workflows is the archive and transport mechanism- Firewire Drives.  According to ComputerWorld, citing a 2007 Carnagie Mellon study, “The data sheets for those drives listed MTTF between 1 million to 1.5 million hours, which the study said should mean annual failure rates “of at most 0.88%.” However, the study showed typical annual replacement rates of between 2% and 4%, “and up to 13% observed on some systems.”  To average losing 3% of your days shot, can be devastating and expensive.  Analyst Brian Garrett at the Enterprise Storage Group in Milford, Mass., said he’s not surprised because “the things that can go wrong with a drive are mechanical — moving parts, motors, spindles, read-write heads, and these components are usually the same whether they are used in a SCSI or SATA drive. The electronic circuits around the drive and the physical interface are different, but are much less prone to failure.”  For the original story, see the following link:

Mark Ferelli (deceased) wrote on August 17, 2010, LTO-5 and LTFS: Shaking the Pillars of Heaven (  He states “As a long-time chronicler of mass storage technology, I see the combination of LTO-5 tape technology and the Linear Tape File System as the same kind of mold-breaking innovation.  The delta between disk and tape performance has narrowed…”

What could make this workflow even better?  Automation, accessibility and synchronization.  Enter StorageDNA’s sophisticated synchronization technology between network drives, becomes very relevant for the LTFS world.  By plugging both HP and IBM LTO-5 with LTFS, StorageDNA has created a workflow where SANs, Nas’ and basic drives on a network are able to see the LTO-5 tapes as a disk target for synchronization.  Leveraging StorageDNA’s existing DNASync technology, they could also synchronize directly to the tape drives.  Now rather than synchronizing from tier 1 drives to drives 50% the cost of the online storage, StorageDNA now can synchronize straight to a 1.5TB LTO tape (Priced at less than $100).  This is done incrementally with snapshots and a self extracting file allowing any LTO5 system to re-open and access the files.  StorageDNA and IBM will present this at the local Los Angeles SMPTE chapter tonight.

Needless to say, StorageDNA coupled with LTSF LTO-5 technology, is very relevant workflow for the media industry.  Maybe at NAB 2011 we’ll pay more attention to our IT cousins.

For further information, please contact

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Making the Most of Your Media with ISIS 5000: Demo Day KCM SF Nov 10, 2010

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Making the Most of Your Media with ISIS 5000: 
Boost Your Productivity and Creativity

Join Avid and Key Code Media
Wednesday November 10, 2010

Key Code Media and Avid present ISIS 5000, a new, advanced affordable video storage solution that offers the world’s best means of maximizing both.

It provides the proven reliability, performance and collaborative capability you need to put your media to work more effectively than ever before—at a price you can afford.

Whether you are working with Avid Editors or Final Cut Pro, learn how you can be more creative, more productive and more profitable than ever before.

Learn why clients are saying that this SAN system is bullet proof how this collaborative enabler allows seamless movement of projects throughout a facility that is protected by fail over drives and RAID 5 technology.

If you have more than two editors, are doing graphics and encoding,  this is an ideal presentation that will change how you approach post production and collaboration, as we discuss how to maximize your efforts and minimize your labor.

Join us for a series of presentations and demonstrations that will include:

Learn how ISIS 5000 easily adapts to a number of workflow environments supporting Media Composer and Final Cut

Projects being simultaneously by different Avid Editor systems

Learn about the profile of the ISIS 5000 file system and hardware

See how to improve allocation of creative resources on ongoing project needs with an open shared storage platform that offers support for 3rd party applications and streamlined administration

and more

November 10, 2010

Session 1 

Session 2

Session 3

limited capacity per session

Key Code Media
55 Hawthorne St
Ste 430
San Francisco, CA 94105
(Folsom & Howard)