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Assimilate Scratch Real Time 3D and Key Code Media

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ASSIMILATE™ is transforming post production of visually complex imagery projects with its SCRATCH® Digital Finishing Solution, the essential mix for a real-time, resolution-dependent data workflow. SCRATCH v5.1 moves creative artists into Post 2.0, the next-generation of digital post production tools to achieve the highest level of quality in digital cinema imagery. Along with data management, SCRATCH features a rich set of DI and post tools for working in any combination of 3D, RED MX, RED MX3D, ARRIRAW, HD/SD, and film. ASSIMILATE is committed to empowering the broad spectrum of creative and post-production professionals with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, data-centric solutions that deliver optimal price/performance. To learn more about SCRATCH, see &

Where SCRATCH is excelling is in the Real-Time 3D Workflow.  Key Code Media and Assimilate have partnered to establish workflows in 3D.
SCRATCH v5.1 includes a host of product features that propel creative pros — broadcasters, filmmakers, studios, post facilities, creative teams, and agencies — to work at their utmost levels of creativity.  SCRATCH v5.1 offers the most advanced, cost-effective, real-time digital workflows for 3D, RED MX and beyond, RED MX-3D, ALEXA ARRIRAW, HD/SD, film, DPX, AVID MXF, or any mix of formats.  SCRATCH v5.1 includes a robust core feature set with real-time data management, review/playback, conform/editorial, color grading, compositing, finishing, and final mastering to any format.

SCRATCH v5.1 includes 3D-specific features for enhanced convergence, scaling, and versioning. Post artists are able to work in real-time 3D at all times with direct output to any stereoscopic display system.  Additionally, ASSIMILATE exclusively offers the 3ality 3Play Pro-S for facilities seeking a flexible, professional quality stereo-review system. ASSIMILATE also offers the first 3D Post Remote-Review Network, which combines SCRATCH, the 3aility 3Play Pro S, and the Telairity H.264 Encoder to enable the real-time review of 3D files among clients, talent teams, and post artists, anywhere in the world.

“Black Eyed Peas” – Brian Daly, president at Mob Scene Creative + Productions (Beverly Hills): “We developed a workflow for Samsung’s Black Eyed Peas 3D promotional material that included 3D post production on the SCRATCH Digital Finishing Solution. Samsung knew exactly what they were looking for in 3D, and SCRATCH was able to deliver. During a grading session, adjustments were made on the fly, in real time. Working in real time is vital in 3D post, especially when the content is a live multi-cam situation and any adjustments need to happen instantaneously.”

“Journey to the Center of the Earth” 3D (2008) – Jonas Thaler, VP post production at AFG/Walden Media (LA):  “When researching a 3D digital workflow, we examined several scenarios that were compelling but none proved to have the flexibility, 3D features, and price point that we needed to put this together on a project basis. SCRATCH was the only system that met our criteria for 3D, plus it included an extensive feature set for the DI process. Our biggest concern for SCRATCH was the size of this project. There was a huge amount of footage and content from several sources, and we had roughly 800 visual effects, which means multiply by two for the number of files. This was an ambitious project for a cost-effective software tool that we set up ourselves, but SCRATCH performed amazingly well.”

Key Code Media has offices to view Scratch in Santa Monica, Burbank, Seattle and San Francisco.  Call 818-303-3900 for a demonstration today.

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