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SCRATCH v5.1 Ready to Rumble with RED Digital Cinema at NAB 2010

SCRATCH Supports MX Sensor

Santa Clara, CA – April 8, 2010 – NAB 2010

New and powerful post-production tools for RED Digital Cinema camera users are a highlight of ASSIMILATE’s roll out of its SCRATCH® v5.1 Digital Finishing Solution at NAB 2010.

With the RED Digital Camera taking the entertainment world by storm, SCRATCH v5.1 leads the industry with first support for RED MX (and beyond) cameras, such as support for multiple RED Rocket cards in a single SCRATCH system; first dual RED Rocket support for MX-R3D; and first non-RED application to support the new RED MX sensor and revised color math, with native real-time playback and adjustment of all on-camera color parameters, such as FLUT, exposure, and curves. Working easily with the native R3D files, SCRATCH streamlines the RED MX workflow and delivers a high-quality master for multiple delivery formats.

Ted Schilowitz, at RED Digital Cinema, comments, “We’ve seen a tremendous amount of success with RED projects using the SCRATCH solution for high-resolution DI finishing. ASSIMILATE was one of the very first to embrace the RED workflow, and SCRATCH v5.1 continues its industry leading support for real-time RED MX and MX-3D workflows, enriching its feature set to bring out the best in native RED R3D material.”

Mark L. Pederson, Offhollywood CTO and co-founder, notes, “We got on board with RED and SCRATCH as early adopters. It was clear to us that an all-data post workflow is the future of films, TV, and commercials.  We chose SCRATCH for its streamlined workflow, stability, data management tools, and real-time color grading and finishing for HD, 2K, and 4K. It’s the ideal tool for working with native RED R3D files, and especially RED MX-3D. The ASSIMILATE guys are continually updating the features within SCRATCH, so it remains a rock-solid tool and very relevant to us for our future plans.”

SCRATCH v5.1 Demos at RED Events:

REDucation Las Vegas, April 8 – 12, Tropicana Hotel

REDucation will be 2.5 days of hands-on camera practices and 2.5 days of post-production techniques. Lucas Wilson, SCRATCH and RED demo pro, and business development manager at ASSIMILATE, will be showing the latest features and functionality of the SCRATCH-RED MX and 3D Workflows. To register and learn more about REDucation, see http://www.reducation.net

REDUSER NAB 2010 Party, April 14, Tropicana Hotel, 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m: ASSIMILATE’s Lucas Wilson and RED Digital Cinema’s Ted Schilowitz will present content shot using a 3D RED camera system and integrated with ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH® Digital Finishing Solution on dual RED ROCKET decoding cards in a DI workstation provided from JMR Electronics.  The audience will be wowed by images viewed with standard polarized 3D glasses.  For more information, see http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?p=574720

Lucas Wilson, ASSIMILATE’s Director of Business Development, notes, “RED training and user events are gatherings of enthusiastic filmmakers and creative pros who enjoy sharing their technical knowledge and creative insights.  REDucation is an incredible learning resource, and if last year is any indication, this year’s RED Day will be a knock-out. We support RED and RED users with first-to-market high-performance DI tools, and we’ll be at these events to show you how SCRATCH V5.1 can simplify your RED workflows. If you’re into RED production or post production, this is definitely the place to be.”

SCRATCH v5.1 Basics
ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH® v5.1 Digital Process Solution™ is a streamlined, real-time, easy-to-use, cost-effective, resolution-independent, end-to-end pipeline for pre-and-post-production.  A broad spectrum of creative and post artists benefit from the bottom-line advantages of the SCRATCH digital workflow: increased speed and productivity, ability to easily experiment, high quality output to any format, and an up-tick in profits. Whether an imaging project is film (2K/4K), HD/SD, 3D, RED MX, or RED MX-3D, SCRATCH v5.1 enables your workflow of choice. SCRATCH includes a robust core feature set with real-time data management, review/playback, conform/editorial, color grading, compositing, finishing, and final mastering to any format.


During NAB 2010, ASSIMILATE will demo its SCRATCH workflows at its three demo suites located at the Renaissance Hotel (#730, 732, 739), a 3-minute walk from the LVCC south hall.  Highlights include SCRATCH 3D, RED MX-3D, and RED MX data workflows; workflows for mixed formats (film, HD/SD, data); as well as finishing and compositing. To schedule a demonstration, contact nacho@assimilateinc.com or clint@assimilateinc.com

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