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Avid Isis adds RAID-6

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Avid Technology announced today the new feature for ISIS-   ISIS RAID-6 – Avid Unity ISIS now supports, as a customer selectable option, the ability to configure storage groups using RAID-6 as the method for data protection. ISIS RAID-6 provides 50% more usable capacity than ISIS Mirroring, lowering the cost for usable $/GB by 33%. RAID-6 also provides increased protection for stored media by tolerating two simultaneous storage blade failures (per storage group) without losing data. RAID-6 has been qualified for real-time editing content with media data rates of 50 Mbs and below – ideal for browse-editing of proxy content. Material can be ingested into a RAID- 6 storage group using Avid AirSpeed servers, Interplay Low-Res Encode, and file-based transfers through the new Avid Unity ISIS File Gateway.

Key Code Media will be testing this huge storage saving initiative in early Jan 2010 to provide specific details to the performance and stability.

Please call us at 818-303-3900 for further details.

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