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TerraBlock Version 4.2 with Mac OSX Ethernet Support is released

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Facilis has announced the third phase of the Facilis Shared File System including Ethernet support for Mac OSX. Avid editor support is included in version 4.2, with the same File System Emulation functionality already existing in Windows. The Windows Ethernet version has been shipping since October 19th. The final installment will add Mac OSX fibre channel support, and is expected to ship during first quarter of 2010.

New Ethernet Features
See the web site for new sample configurations including mixed Ethernet and Fibre that will help explain the new connectivity option. Fibre and Ethernet access to the same Multi-user Write Virtual Volume is a huge advancement, and one that will maintain Facilis as the leader in high performance turnkey SAN systems.

As of January 1st, 2010, an Ethernet connectivity package will ship with every new TerraBlock when the Facilis Shared File System license is added (see Shared FS Licensing Policy Changes below). For the remainder of 2009, Ethernet connectivity components are available for purchase on new TerraBlock units, and for current customers on units shipped after March 1st, 2008. Units shipped prior to March 1st 2008 may use the Ethernet connectivity feature, but will not use the link aggregation method included in the purchased Ethernet option.

The Ethernet connectivity feature requires the Facilis Shared File System, and any volume accessed over Ethernet must be designated as Multi-user Write. No additional licensing is required to use Ethernet connectivity.

Shared File System Fall Promotion Expiration December 31st!
Every new system purchased before January 1st, 2010 will include an unlimited-term Shared File System license free of charge!

Cutoff for the above promotion is December 31st at 5:00 PM EST.

In addition, every customer that has purchased a system since June 2009, and any customer that has purchased the previous yearly renewal license (FTI-FSRL) since June 2009 will be converted to unlimited-term Shared File System license free of charge on the covered server unit.

Reminder – Shared FS Licensing Policy Changes
As of January 1st, 2010, new licensing policy will be in effect for the Facilis Shared File System. A one-time charge will be required to license Shared FS on new systems, and there will be no expiration. This charge is based on the system model:

24D:   $5000
24EX: $3000*
8XS:   $2000

For details, please call Key Code Media at 818-303-3900 or email at

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