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Assimilate Announces the Release of Scratch v5.0 and Scratch Cine v5.0

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As of v5.0, SCRATCH and SCRATCH CINE are released as native 64-bit applications only and will NOT run on a 32-bit operating system. The target OS for v5.0 is Windows 7 64-bit (any edition). Be aware that NOT all graphics cards are fully functional with Windows 7. We urge you to plan your upgrade to v 5.0 and READ CAREFULLY the article on the support site for SCRATCH v5.0 Drivers and Installation issues.  This covers NVIDIA graphics card support, downloading a suitable driver for Windows 7 and additional hardware issues you need to be aware of.

For v5.0 a new license is required. You can request a new license by sending both your current license file and a SCRATCH log file to The new license is NOT backward compatible. The new license should be placed in the C:\ProgramData\Assimilator\Settings folder.

What is new in SCRATCH v5.0? Here is a just a teaser of the exciting tools now available to you and more fixes and workflow improvements are detailed on the support site.

New 64 bit

-more memory support

-larger memory address space supported=better support for 4k workflow and beyond!

New RED Rocket support

-FAST playback of FULL resolution RED media!

New Implementation of NVIDIA’s CUDA Technology*

-New Real time 32 bit Full Histogram*

-New Real time32 bit Waveform Monitor*

-New Real time32 bit Vector Scope*

 New XML Scripting capabilities

*only NVIDIA cards with CUDA  Compute Capability version 1.3 or higher, support all the new features.

For more information contact Key Code Media sales at: 818-303-3900 or email:

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