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Key Code Media Invites You to: Experience the Future of Audio Post Production April 2, 2009

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Sit down, take a deep breath, and prepare to be blown away by the Fairlight Xynergi, an AV production tool that is years ahead of other technologies.


Key Code Media hosts a day of private demonstrations of this remarkable media tool. Join us for a glimpse of the future of audio post production!

Join us on Thursday April 2, 2009 to find out more about how this state of the art technology
can save you thousands of dollars and time!

Here’s a sneak peak of the highlights of the system and what we will cover in this hour long, hands on demonstration:


  • Crystal Core Engine: FPGA Audio Engine that with a single PCI card delivers more audio processing power than 6 card DSP based systems!

  • Xynergi: A remarkable new tactile control surface that delivers all tools required for sound for picture production in all widely used surround formats.

  • Pyxis: Integrated HD/SD video recorder/player that allows multiple formats of compressed/uncompressed video (up to 4:2:2) at any frame rate.

  • Priced thousands less than comparable multi-CPU systems from other manufacturers.

1PM-6PM (by appointment only)


CALL 818-303-3900

Please contact one of Key Code Media’s professional sales consultants for more information:


Z-Day Is Coming: HP Webinar for New Workstation Line March 30, 2009

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Are you looking for something to get you going this Spring?

Something to jump up and down and shout about?

Look no further, Z-Day is coming! Be one of the select few to experience Z from day one.

Join HP on Monday, March 30 at 1pm/4pm ET for an exclusive webinar to find out why everyone is so excited about HP’s new workstation line.

We wish we could tell you more, but trust us, you’re going to want to “Go Ahead and Scream” when you experience what’s coming.

This is a webinar that every current XW8000, XW8200, XW8400 and Xw8600 workstation end user needs to tune into!

This webinar, co-hosted by HP and Intel, will feature presentations by customers representing various markets, and a special new product giveaway.

Register Now to Start the Excitement:

Register To Win!

Be one of the first to experience the power of Z!

Join us for this webinar and you’ll have a chance to win a new HP Workstation and see firsthand what everyone is screaming about.

Your industry, Your Technology

Learn how Z fits into your specific industry.

Be sure to pre-register new for more upcoming HP Webinars.

Please contact one of Key Code Media’s professional sales consultants for more information:


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NewTek TriCaster™ Upgrade 2.5 Increases Recording Fidelity and Supports Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder 3

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Upgrade also offers streaming flexibility by adding H.264

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – March 18, 2009 – NewTek Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, today announced the release of TriCaster™ Upgrade 2.5, a software update to its TriCaster BROADCAST™, TriCaster STUDIO™ TriCaster PRO™ and TriCaster portable live production systems. This upgrade adds the ability to record all video in the broadcast industry MPEG-2 Studio Profile, capturing with full 4:2:2 color sampling, which is important when recording chroma key footage. In addition, enhancements to the real-time MPEG2 encoding technology yield significant improvements in quality with a lower compression rate for broadcast quality video recording.

This upgrade keeps TriCaster on the cutting edge of live streaming technologies and improves the user experience for both live and on-demand content with support for Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder 3. It also offers a greatly enhanced user experience with H.264 streaming format, simultaneous streams at multiple bit rates and improved streaming quality at reduced bit-rates.

“This upgrade to the TriCaster family of products further solidifies NewTek’s leadership position in the video production marketplace,” said Michael Kornet, chief marketing officer, NewTek Inc. “Now it is even easier to reach worldwide audiences with well-produced live content at an unrivaled price point.”

NewTek TriCaster Upgrade 2.5 also offers a customized Flash® streaming profile for easier Ustream connectivity.

“ shares NewTek’s belief that anyone with the desire to get content out to a wide audience should be able to pursue it without the traditional roadblocks of production costs and advanced technical experience,” said Brad Hunstable, founder and president, “We are confident that producers will see the many benefits of choosing and NewTek for their streaming projects.”

TriCaster Upgrade 2.5 is available at as a free download for TriCaster 2.0 users. This update, including all other 2.0 features, is available to TriCaster 1.0 users at, starting at US$495.

NewTek Launches Live Product Demo Webcasts

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Sessions to be offered every two weeks on; First installments on March 18 and 19

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – March 12, 2009 – NewTek Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, today announced that it will offer free live demonstrations of its products at beginning on March 18 and 19. Produced and streamed using NewTek TriCaster portable live production systems, each session will be held every two weeks and will focus on one NewTek product line. Visit for session focus information, dates, start times and sign-up form.

“We have heard time and time again that once someone sees our products in action – they are immediately amazed,” said Don Ballance, director, training worldwide, NewTek Inc. “We are excited to give people an opportunity to see first-hand how our solutions meet their business and production needs.”

The products to kick off the NewTek DEMOS are:

NewTek TriCaster (March 18, 3:00 p.m. EST): With TriCaster, anyone can produce network-style live video and distribute the event simultaneously to Web, video and projector. A single operator or small team can produce a live show while switching between as many as six cameras with two VCR’s, multi-channel effects and NewTek’s proprietary LiveSet™ virtual sets. TriCaster is being used by sports organizations, government agencies, broadcasters, schools and others to provide a new level of extended programming and content to their audiences.

NewTek 3PLAY (March 19, 3:00 p.m. EST): A multi-channel High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) instant replay and slow motion system that delivers simultaneous display, recording, and instant replay of up to three video streams and four digital or analog audio streams per input. 3PLAY supports both NTSC and PAL formats and can be connected to any production switcher. 3PLAY gives sports broadcasters, leagues, teams and schools an affordable option to deliver instant replay and slow motion for broadcasts, webcasts, arena scoreboard displays and more.

For more information, please visit

How to obtain the latest Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony & Avid NewsCutter software

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What is the current shipping version?

Avid is now shipping version Avid Media Composer v3.5, Avid Symphony v3.5, and Avid NewsCutter v7.5.

Operating System Support
Please see below for a summary of the supported operating systems with the new Media Composer v3.5, Symphony v3.5, and NewsCutter v7.5 software.


Mac OS X

Mac OS X

Windows XP
(SP2, SP3)

Windows Vista
& Ultimate
Media Composer Software



Media Composer with Mojo or Mojo SDI



NewsCutter Software (with or without Mojo or Mojo SDI)



Media Composer Adrenaline



Media Composer Mojo DX



Media Composer Nitris DX



Symphony Nitris DX



Symphony Nitris




Mac OS X 10.4.X (Tiger) is not supported with this release.

Please visit the Avid Knowledge Base for important OS and Version compatibility information prior to upgrading.

How to obtain the software:

Please choose from one of the options below based on your situation:

  1. You have a valid Avid Assurance support contract. Media Composer v3.5, Symphony v3.5, and NewsCutter v7.5 software is available to Avid Assurance customers at no additional charge. Software upgrades are a feature of Avid Assurance contracts. The software can be obtained by logging into the Electronic Download Center. <!–
  2. You already purchased Media Composer v3.0/v3.0.1 software and/or Symphony v3.0, and/or Newscutter v7.0: go to the Avid update download page.
  3. –>

  4. You already purchased Media Composer v3.x and/or Symphony v3.x and/or Newscutter v7.x between February 1, 2009 and March 31, 2009: go to the Avid version protection page.
  5. You do not have an Avid Assurance support contract and you are on pre v3.5/v7.5 software. You can either: a)purchase an Avid Assurance contract or you can purchase a Media Composer v3.5 upgrade from the Avid online webstore (Avid Media Composer Software upgrades only), or b) purchase a Symphony v3.5 or NewsCutter v7.5 upgrade from Key Code Media (all products) or c) purchase a Symphony v3.5 or NewsCutter v7.5 upgrade from from Avid directly.
  6. You currently own Avid Media Composer v3.0/v3.0.5/v3.1.1/v3.05 software: go to

Important Notes:

  1. Avid NewsCutter customers, and customers using Avid Media Composer or Avid Symphony systems in larger enterprise environments should contact their Avid sales representative to discuss upgrade options. For larger interconnected installations, Avid needs to ensure that upgrading a single seat will not impact the total workflow.
  2. 3rd Party Information: Avid Assurance customer downloads as well as the webstore downloadable upgrades do not include third party software, these options only include the Avid editing software upgrade. Third party software can be obtained by purchasing the full packaged upgrade or the 3rd party software bundle available either on the webstore or through your Avid reseller.
  3. Operating System Information and System Requirements. Please check full system requirements before upgrading which can be found on the system requirements tab of the product in question at
  4. Avid Symphony Nitris has skipped a version number from 1.8 to 3.X in order to align the version numbers with Avid Media Composer. Avid Symphony Nitris v3.X requires Avid Nitris firmware updates. These updates are not qualified with the new Avid DS v10 software so customers running dual boot DS-Symphony systems must not upgrade their Symphony software at this time.

Avid Delivers Native XDCAM Support and Industry First Stereoscopic 3D Capabilities with Latest Versions of Editing Software

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Customers to benefit from creative editorial enhancements, a more open Avid architecture and streamlined HD workflows

TEWKSBURY, Mass., March 2, 2009 – Avid Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AVID) today announced that it has addressed customer requests for native support of the Sony XDCAM format, a ground breaking 3D Stereoscopic workflow and the “death of the dongle,” with the release of Avid® Media Composer® (v3.5), Symphony™ (v 3.5) and NewsCutter® (v 7.5) software.  In addition to an innovative new architecture designed to make these Avid solutions more open, the latest version of the software delivers a variety of new features that enable customers to take advantage of:

  • More streamlined and efficient HD audio and video workflows;
  • A number of offline editorial effects enhancements like Keyframeable Color Correction and a new Fluid Stabilizer feature;
  • CPU/GPU acceleration of visual effects and;
  • Improved interoperability with Digidesign® Pro Tools®. 

What Customers are Saying:

“This new release of Media Composer will greatly improve the speed and efficiency of our workflow here at Discovery,” said Mark Miller, Producer/Director at Discovery Channel Canada’s West Coast Office. Miller favors the seamless XDCAM HD capabilities and Keyframeable Color Correction in the new release. “By having the ability to natively ingest in the field, my producers, directors, and editors can start working with the media right away, and not waste time traveling back to the office to get a cut completed. Also, the Keyframeable Color Correction features are invaluable. We’ve been able to save a lot of time and money in the production process by being able to make color changes on the fly in run-and-gun situations where lighting can change and affect color over the course of a single shot. Previously, that could only be fixed in the online color correction.”

Editor Michael Tronick and Assistant Editor Aaron Brock have worked on a number of 3D films including the newly released Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, and are very excited about the possibilities of Avid’s Stereoscopic capabilities. “It would be so useful to see how the 2D material I am cutting would translate to 3D and be able to show that to the director on the spot, while making changes on the fly. Avid has created the most innovative 3D workflow I’ve seen,” Tronick said.

Brock estimates that the benefits of using Media Composer 3D capabilities for offline editorial will save thousands of dollars. “If we could use this new feature, it would save the studio an unbelievable amount of money. Instead of having the online system running for five months straight, we could just conform complete reels for full screenings like on a normal feature. It would be much more efficient than doing conforms on a daily basis.”

What’s New in Avid Media Composer and Symphony Software?

  • Native XDCAM support: Offers complete end-to-end native support for the popular Sony XDCAM HD formats, at all bandwidths.  Customers may now playback and edit directly from the disc, render, mixdown, export sequences and clips with eight audio tracks, and writeback with sequence timecode.
  • Stereoscopic 3D editing: Delivers full support of stereoscopic workflows, which enables customers to acquire, edit and display stereoscopic (3D) material. Content can be displayed with stereo monitoring capabilities in both the composer window and full screen playback – eliminating the need for costly conforms previously required to screen 3D material.
  • AMA, or Avid Media Access Architecture: Customers can automatically link clips from a third-party volume (Panasonic P2 or Sony XDCAM HD/EX) devices into an Avid editing bin, without having to transcode or store the media on their system.
  • Elimination of Dongle with new Software Activation and Licensing: Eliminates the need for a dongle key to activate new purchases and upgrades of Avid software.  All new software sales and single seat upgrades will be licensed by a system activation key. 
  • Keyframeable Color Correction: Provides customers with the ability to make most color adjustments using advanced keyframes in the offline editorial process – saving time and money associated with online color correction costs when using the Avid Total Conform.
  • Fluid Stabilizer: Equips customers with a new 2D tracking engine designed to track and remove camera motion, when used in combination with the Avid SteadyGlide™ feature.  
  • General FX enhancements: Offers improvements such as the ability to copy Keyframes at position as well as enhanced 3D Warp, Quality and CPU/GPU performance to quickly render and process FX.
  • Improved Pro Tools integration: Integrates Media Composer 3.5 with Pro Tools 8 through the Video Satellite feature, which allows control of a Media Composer system from Pro Tools for full resolution, synchronized video playback for audio. 

    Now, customers can install both Media Composer and Pro Tools software on the same system. 

  • Enhanced Audio Capabilities: Delivers a wide range of new audio capabilities that provide customers with more control over audio clips and sequences.
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