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Sonic Announces Blu-ray Now! Webinar December 3, 2008

Sonic Announces Blu-ray Now! Webinar

Learn how to make a Blu-ray Disc using Sonic Scenarist®



12pm PST, Wednesday 3rd December, 2008

The demand for Blu-ray Disc title development is increasing exponentially throughout the professional production industry. With BD players now under $200 and consumer awareness growing rapidly, now is the time to re-tool your business and reap the rewards Blu-ray Disc has to offer.

The Blu-ray Now! Webinar Series is open to authors, animators, game creators, menu and graphic design professionals as well facility and content owners. In this free Webinar you’ll see Blu-ray Production in practice using the Scenarist BD Studio Workgroup. If you are thinking about joining the BD revolution, the free Blu-ray Now! Webinar Series from Sonic Solutions is the perfect starting point for your BD business.

Spaces are limited so Register Now to avoid disappointment.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

  • Menu design using Adobe® Photoshop® and Scenarist® Designer
  • Blu-ray Disc creation using the Scenarist BD Studio Workgroup
  • Creating pop-up menus and advanced navigation using Scenarist BD
  • Emulating your title with Scenarist QC
  • Using Scenarist to enable an efficient template approach to BD production
  • Delivering your Blu-ray Disc using both replication and duplication
  • Who Should Attend

    Blu-ray Now! is open to the entire production industry. The content will be particularly relevant to anyone considering adding Blu-ray Disc production services to their business, including:

    • Facility Owners
    • Content Distributors
    • DVD Authors
    • DVD Producers
    • Animators
    • Game Creators
    • Menu and Graphic Designers

    Where and When

    The first Blu-ray Now! Webinar will take place on Wednesday 3rd December at 12pm, (PST)

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