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Top 9 Reasons To Attend The AVID & RED Workflow Demos On September 11, 2008

Now that you received our initial mailer about the event in San Diego on September 11, 2008, we’re wondering why you haven’t responded to us yet. We’ll give you our top nine reasons why you should attend our free AVID DX demo and RED Workflow presentation…

  1. You may attend the first session of AVID, or the second of RED Workflow, or both
  2. This is a must-see if you are an AVID user as we are demonstrating AVID’s new DX architecture
  3. It’s also a must-attend event if you are an APPLE user
  4. We will be debuting HP’s brand new Dream Color monitor for color grading
  5. Telestream’s product manager Chuck Buelow will be attending and demonstrating their automated compression workflow using Episode Pro
  6. If you are a RED camera uer or want to know more about the RED acquisition to post pipe line
  7. Meet Blair Paulsen-RED camera early adopter and evangelist
  8. See Alacrity Media’s mobile van, complete with RED cameras, Assimilate SCRATCH system for post, and HP’s new Dream Color monitor
  9. Meet David Sconyers and Michael Kammes, our application engineers and workflow experts.
To RSVP for this event, please send your NAME, COMPANY (if any), EMAIL ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER to:
We will confirm your reservation. Hope to see you all at the event!
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