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Bonus Demo @ Avid User Group Event (Seattle) June 12, 2008

Good news!
We have added an extra bonus to our Avid DX demo on the 12th that you might want to stick around for.
Following the Avid demo we will be showcasing the Root6 Content Agent.
Content Agent is a universal automated encoding, transcoding and distribution system. The demonstration will cover DPX
file based workflow and automatic generation of DVD’s from dailies, showreels and client delivery all using automated
workflows directly from an Avid editing station.
See how Avid and Content Agent  can work for you! If you have any questions regarding the demonstration feel free to contact us at: (206) 728-4000, otherwise see you next Thursday!
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  1. mcavkcm
    June 7, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Key Code Media’s Symphony Nitris dx was installed Tuesday. We will be putting up a full interview of Key Code Media’s application editor, David Sconyers, interview. For our Seattle clients, here are some of David’s initial comments:
    Partial comments from Interview with David Sconyers; Application Editor with Key Code Media

    Mike: David, you’ve had an opportunity to get your hands on the Symphony Nitris DX Box; what’s your take on it, your overall feedback; any setbacks, good surprises, bad surprises, etc.?

    David: Every AVID editor will be overjoyed with what they get.

    Mike: Why?

    David: Significant speed improvements with “effects”…and, just the whole overall process…

    Mike: What areas of speed?

    David: Just the effects, that’s usually what bogs the system down-

    Mike: But aren’t they all driven by the CPU?

    David: No, its graphics and CPU, but they changed all the code with all the effects engine handles its archaic codes so now that’s new and it’s a whole different direction of how the application actually performs.

  2. mcavkcm
    June 7, 2008 at 10:00 am

    Key Code Media will be assisting with the Seattle Avid user group helping the creative community have access to the latest tools out from vendors. Please call Andrew or Rick at our offices at 206-728-4000 for more information. Any suggestions for future events please also submit a comment.

    Mike Cavanagh

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